Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to throw a kitty cat birthday party...

Which could also easily be titled:

 "How to keep your kids busy while you are working from home"

Today our daughter asked us about her birthday. She asked about the day she was born, how we felt and what time she was born. She then started to ask about her brothers birthdays and our own (all of this while I am working on a MAJOR project for work... of all days for the school to have a teacher collaboration day, lol)

This all seamed really innocent, just a bored girl wanting some attention from her working mom (GUILT).

Then she proceeded to ask us about the cats, when we got them how old they were and well....

Their birthdays. At this time I am typing work stuff and answering her and not knowing what exactly of which conversation is making it into my 14 page work document.

Well when it came to her cat and I told her that her cat was born just last month and that actually her birthday had just passed... Our daughter got THAT look in her eye.


And well I (who was seeking a moments peace) got THAT look in my eye....


Within minutes I had gathered some basic party supplies.

This seriously took me like two seconds and in about the same time my daughter had recruited some friends to help.

Here were the rules:

  • Everything had to be cleaned up after the party was over
  • Only supplies I had given could be used (all disposable)
  • The party was limited to a small area (the sofa)

So the girls were off... (faces of kids not belonging to me have been blurred to prevent any future embarrassment once they are old enough to google, "kitty cat party")

And Mommy was happy ♥
Happy I was getting some work done and happy that my daughter (my determined daughter) now had a mission to accomplish.

The girls decorated for a while, writing notes on post its, making streamers out of left over tissue paper and origami fish (her kitty's favorite).

Until it was time for the honored guest to arrive... Doesn't she look happy?

The guests arrived....

The guests ate... Well two of them...

And my sweet husband... He didn't ask questions...

 Surprisingly enough, the pet store actually gave my husband a handful of kitty treats for Carley as a birthday present... go figure :)

Altogether this made for a really quick and fun event for my daughter. The party only lasted about 15 minutes (after all the presents were opened, where little girls find these things is beyond me!).

But after the party the girls played and played and played.

And Mommy worked and worked and worked... Peacefully.

It was a win-win situation, with just a little effort from me, and a whole lot of creativity from my little girl.

And well it looks like someone enjoyed herself... a bit to much.

Added: So my advice for working with kids at home is to use their passion to your advantage. In this case art and cats were what my daughter loves, I just went with it. Find something that drives your kids and get creative. Keep around a rainy day box of disposable supplies that the kids can explore, have kid friendly scissors and a bunch of tape. One of my favorite rainy day projects as a child was cutting notebook paper and taping it together to replicate a city that I had seen in a book. You're kids are born creative, let their resourceful side shine!

P.S. Excuse the cell phone pics, although the quality is not the best, I hope they make you laugh as much as they did my husband and I.

From our family to yours ♥

~Liz Hicks


  1. Momma Liz you are amazing mother and your little one is an amazing party planner. Cute, cute, cute, your daughter, her kitty and her idea.