Thursday, November 20, 2014

Easy DIY Teen Cell Phone Case

As promised here is the doodled Dollar Store phone case video tutorial featuring Sakura Glaze Pens.
Its a super easy idea that uses a simple dollar store phone case. What a great way to add a little fun to something so inexpensive. Its the perfect way to add a little hand made to your holiday this year.

I am finishing up some of the other videos I worked on for the Handmade Holidays Blog Hop, so stay tuned for more inexpensive and easy hand made fun.

If you are looking for more inspiration, make sure to look at my original post for all of the blog hoppers and their ideas for handmade gifts. There were over 100 project ideas in total with this blog hop so you are sure to find some great inspiration.

Thanks for watching!

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Easy DIY Girls-Teens Gift Set

Handmade Holidays 2014 Hop Logo
Welcome to day 2 of the 4th Annual Handmade Holidays Blog Hop! A few years ago we were looking online for handmade gift ideas and thought it would be great if there was a resource dedicated JUST to handmade gift ideas. Enter the Handmade Holidays hop! We've gathered over 100 of our creative blogger friends in the craft industry as well as some of our fellow product manufacturers to bring you a plethora of inspiring gift ideas you can make now to give to your friends, family, and colleagues. Pin and bookmark these ideas for this holiday season and to use throughout the year! Each day of the hop features approximately 30 gift projects and you can "hop" from one blog to another to check them all out.

I don't know  about you but shopping for tween girls is tough. You can't buy them princess girly stuff, but (as much as they would disagree) you also can't just buy them stuff they are just not ready for yet. To add to this, you have to be very specific about colors, designs... no princess, well maybe just one but if its the wrong one, well then... it could really mean ANYTHING.

I am going through this 8-12 age range with my daughter. I have really enjoyed it but am still baffled as to what style she enjoys (especially since it changes... ALL THE TIME).

SO with this in mind, I thought it might be fun to share some fun, EASY DIY gift items that will still be age appropriate yet make this age range of developing girls feel special, appreciated and acknowledges for the age and "maturity" that they are.

Here are a few of the ideas I came up with. Make sure to check back in the next few weeks for some more simple DIY gifts.

Tinted Vintage Vanity Tray- using Clearsnap Surfacez Solvent permanent Inks

This old brass vanity tray got an updated and chic make over with the help of Surfacez Ink by Clearsnap.

 Available here:Surfacez Ink Pads and Refills

Doodle Iphone Case using Sakura Glaze Pens

Here is a beautiful custom $1 store cell phone case using Sakura of America's Glaze Pens. The pens are great for doodling on non porous surfaces.


This tutorial will be one of the videos I will be sharing within the next few weeks :)

Available here: Sakura Glaze Pens

Floral Travel Bag using Oly-Fun fabric

Available here: Oly Fun

Like I said, I will be posting more videos and quick tutorials featuring these or other projects within the next few weeks... I just didn't have enough time to feature all of my projects in this one post :)

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Quick and easy last minute costume- The Doughnut

If you have a pre-teen chances are you may be waking up on today... Halloween with a frantic scramble of trying to make some sort of costume quickly for them. Even as an adult I oftern struggle with the dilema of "To dress up or not to dress up" for Halloween.

This pre-teen age is a bridge between child and adult and can sometimes be tough for kids to be decisive in their desire to participate in Halloween. For our son, the results of massive amounts of candy always seem to steer him towards donning a costume and reaping the rewards.

Which this year resulted in...

The Doughnut

What you will need:

(2) 3x3 foot panels of brown fabric- I used Oly Fun by Fairfield Processing which is a lightweight non fraying (NO HEMS!!!) non-woven material. perfect for this project.

(1) 3x3 foot pink panel-to be cut slightly smaller and act as the frosting

(4) colors of the same fabric in 3x36 inch pieces (or rough cut around there)- This will be used as 1x3inch piece rectangle sprinkles.

An 8x12 inch black oval in the same fabric- The doughnut hole :)

Sewing machine or hot glue gun- (at this point... the hot glue gun may be your best bet but if you are looking to make this last, use a sewing machine... I used my Brother Innovis 950D machine for this, but you can use a simple machine as we are only using a straight stitch.)


1) Cut the brown fabric into a 3x3 foot circle and your pink fabric just a bit smaller than your brown fabric.

3) Sew (or glue) your two brown panels together leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Follow diagram below on where to sew and where not to sew. NOTE: If you are going to sew the entire costume, sew on all elements before binding the two brown panels together. Make sure to turn your costume inside out so that your seams are hidden inside.

3) Glue your pieces (If you did not sew them) onto your doughnut front. TIP... This is a great thing for your child to do, although I must warn you that the center of your doughnut may end up askew if a 12 year old boy puts it together (not that I would know by experience or anything ♥).

This costume is as easy as CUT SEW GLUE. You can pick up this or any other non-fray fabric at your local craft store today and have a costume within an hour (tops).

Until the next pre-teen moment we share ☺

~Liz Hicks ♥

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Easy DIY Disney Elsa Corset

Chances are if you have a little girl... you know Elsa. You've seen Disney's Frozen and you are probably starting to hear the tune of "Let it Go" as you read this post...

Like many other little girls, our little one has fallen in love with Elsa's costume. I am pretty sure she likes Elsa too... but come on, let's be real here... Its probably the dress she is most impressed with.

For our daughters costume this year we hacked a second hand size 12 prom dress into an 8 year olds dream costume.

This took a few different steps to complete. One being this easy DIY corset.

What you'll need:

Simple sewing skills
Sewing machine (Brother Innovis 950D used here)
Various fabrics( listed below)
Eyelet/Grommets for leather making or fabric and a grommet setter (found in the same location as the grommets)
Ribbon (to tie the back)

Take a quick measure of your model (TIP: Use a fitted T-shirt to guestimate your models measurements) and figure out just about how much fabric you will need. For our 8 year old, we used  1/2 a yard.

Fabrics you will need (All fabrics found at Joann Fabric and Craft Store):

  • Light aqua cotton (I chose one with a swirl pattern on it)
  • Flowy sequin embellished costume netting (this had sequin sewn onto it, which is great for wear)
  • Plain fabric for backing (you could just use the initial cotton you buy, I used muslin since I had some on hand and had forgotten about the back...oops)
To start, measure from just under the collar bone to just under the belly button (lower if you want the peak to be longer). This will act as the markers for the top of your corset and the bottom of your corset (peak). The corset has a sweat heart neckline that peaks at the bottom.

For the length across, take measure the front of your model across the waist and about 1/4 of the back. The opening in the back will be the lace up corset part.

To create the base for the corset, take your stabilizer and fold it in half. Take your measurement and use this as a guide to figure the top and bottom of your corset. Once this is figured, take a pencil and draw a half of heart with the center being on the fold. From here add the sides (half of the length measurement). This will be a rectangle that is joined to the heart, smoothing out the joints like this.

Cut out your stabilizer and then use this as a pattern to cut out the rest of your materials. You will end up with the same size cut from all 4 of your materials.

Now that you have your materials layer the materials facing up towards you like so: (bottom) Stabilizer, Cotton print (light aqua, right side up), sequin netting (right side up), backing (right side down).

With the backing on top, pin the fabric into place. (TIP: Lower your feed dogs, page 25) Sew a seam along the side to join all of the pieces. I use a thin seem to conserve size (1/4 inch or less). Sew the top and the bottom leaving the sides open.

After sewing the top and bottom seam, pull through and press if needed. At this point you should make sure all of your peaks and shapes are fully formed.

To finish off, add a regular stitch to the top of your sequin fabric creating a finishing seam, folding in your sides as your go. This will create a finished looking corset.

To create the lace up of your corset, add 4 grommets/eyelets evenly to each side of your corset.

Add ribbon to your corset to lace the back and create a fitted look.

This makes a nice fitted corset for a young girl. If you are looking to make a corset for an adult, make sure to add in bust measurements as well as waist intake. You would want to create your corset with a true front and two sides.

So this is it. An easy DIY Elsa corset in just a few steps. Measure. Cut. Sew. Embellish. Wear. It may seem like it might be tough... but it isn't. This corset was done in around an hour. Pair this will a tight fitted long sleeve shirt and an A line skirt and you have yourself a costume! For our daughters costume we opted to alter an adult prom dress with a few tucks and stiches and added an existing shirt she had as well as a yard of iridescent fabric for the cape. With just a little thought and creativity you are sure to come up with a great handmade DIY costume for not a lot of effort.

I would love to see your takes on this or any other Halloween costumes you are working on. Feel free to post in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by!

~Liz Hicks ♥

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Lucky All Year Long...

As fun of a holiday St. Patrick's Day is... there really isn't a time other than today that you see shamrocks, green beverages and people dressed in green.

I like this fun little holiday because well, it breaks up the monotony of the year and like today... makes a Monday a whole lot more fun.

I like many other busy crafty moms... like to make the most of these one time events or items required for these types of events... so I took the theme and gave it a twist in this greeting card.

With this card, I wanted to make sure that I could use it beyond St. Patrick's Day yet still tie in a bit of ye' ol sentiment. I cut the same shape out of matte cardstock and glittered cardstock to create a monochromatic base.

I then added a simple title using the Roc-Lon MPC, it is similar to canvas and cuts beautifully.

And last, I added a sweet sentiment to change the feel of the card from St. Patty's to a sweet love note.

I like being about to take items that may only be used once a year and make other uses for them... I am sure I am not the only one, what are your thoughts on re-purposing holiday themes for other occasions?

For this and more projects check out my PINTEREST Boards

Thanks for stopping by today... hopefully you do not get pinched too much today!

~Liz ♥

Friday, March 14, 2014

Birthday wishes from afar

Sometimes living 1500 miles away from family is a little tough, like on Birthdays. The kids are a bit young to realize how hard it is on our hearts to not be around our family. Most of the time they miss their cousins and grandparents but I don't think they truly realize how hard it is on the birthdays of our loved ones, and how both James and I wish that we could be there to share in the moments.

It is one of the hardest parts of living in Colorado. Family. We miss our family a lot, and although we have built a life here in Colorado, it truly is never complete without family.

This year, I had an idea to send a special birthday wish to James's dad. Today is his birthday and well, I knew he would be at work today... I asked a special friend that works in his office to help with a birthday surprise.

ScanNCut Birthday Letters

One thing that I loved about ScanNCut is the ease of use and that my kids could use it. I know it seems like an expensive item to let kids use, but with supervision I have enjoyed allowing my kids explore their creative sides and being able to create art along side with them.

Because of ScanNCut's built in 300 DPI Scanner and ease of use, this birthday project was super easy and took just a few minutes for the kids to create.

To Begin I had the kids each write a little note from the heart.

Next, they loaded their messages onto the low tack mat and into the machine.

 Hit Scan.
 Scan to USB.
 And Start.

 And that's it...

ScanNCut saved the images as JPG's to my USB. I then used the computer to crop them down and sent them to my friend at my father in laws office to print and leave on his desk through out the day...

The kids and their creations :)

 And of course this lead to a mini photo shoot.... Here you will see the kids posing "normal"

 And here, well posing like models...

 And here... like gorillas...
 And here... like our daughter is their boss...

It only took a few minutes to create this fun birthday wish. I love having these moments with the kids and pray that it stays with their hearts as their grow up and have their own families.

Of course.. we can't have a birthday post without wishing a BIG HICKS BIRTHDAY to the big guy himself...

Happy Birthday Jay! Thank you for being an amazing father and grandfather to our family... You are a wonderful example to us all. We are so very blessed and fortunate to have you in our lives. We love you and hope that you have a wonderful day!

So although we are far away, I am grateful for technology, our fun little family and sneaky friends who are always up for the challenge to help (Thanks Lisa!).

I hope this inspires you to give a little shout out to your loved ones today, and maybe use ScanNCut too!

~Liz ♥

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Are you ready for technique OVERLOAD?

I hope so!

Last May I was asked to fly into Washington and film some videos for Clearsnap Inc featuring their products. I have to say, even though this was a whirl wind adventure... I enjoyed the time I was able to spend with my friends at Clearsnap as well enjoy the gorgeous scenery that is Anacortes, Washington. I was able to spend some time with the Clearsnap Inc crew as well as the filming crew of KP Studios.

We spent two days filming over 30 videos and over all we succeeded in over viewing the current line of Clearsnap products at that time. It was a jam packed fun time and I hope to do it again.

Well what does this mean for you? A TON of technique videos of course!

Here is a screen shot of what the videos look like on the website. To access the videos simple click here and scroll down to the videos titled TECHNIQUES.

Besides myself, there are a ton of my friends and fellow crafters on the site that share their love for Clearsnap Products.

I encourage you to grab a cup of coffee, your sketch book and enjoy a video or two.


~Liz ♥