Thursday, January 15, 2015

Considering Truth Scrap? Read here for info behind the purpose of Truth Scrap from Lain (and I)

 Hey Friends,

I just wanted to share with you a little more about our upcoming online event called Truth Scrap.

I've ask Lain Ehmann to share a little about her reason for gathering all of us together for this event. This event is not something that was just decided upon lightly... this even is something that has been stirring in our hearts individually, and Lain brought together out of a common need. A need to remind all of us (women AND men) that what we were designed for IS important and extremely relevant to this world and our community. I often describe it as a puzzle with a missing piece. If we take what our purpose IS and take it out of this world, cloak it in self doubt, hide it behind the scenes than all we can offer this world is an incomplete puzzle... sure you can make sense what its suppose to be, yet it will never truly be complete.

Friends, this is exactly what it is when we take ourselves out of the equation. When we don't step forward into our purpose, when we don't raise our hand in a meeting and speak up from our gifts the ideas that are in our hearts and minds... We truly rob ourselves and others of a uniquely crafted beauty.

I'd really love for you to read below a little more about this class and just what Lain had in mind when she invited us all to join in on this journey.

Here is a little more info behind the scenes from Lain herself:

" As a professional scrapbooker and business owner for the past
decade, I've heard just about every reason for not crafting, not
sharing our creations, for not letting ourselves be vulnerable.

But the one that breaks my heart is this...
"I'm scared I'm not good enough."
When a woman looks at me with longing in her eyes and shares her
fears of inadequacy with regard to her artwork or creativity, I
just want to climb right into her brain and remove the thoughts
that have somehow gotten distorted to the point where she thinks
creativity is some kind of contest or race.

It's this false belief that we are going to be measured and found
lacking that keeps so many of us from sharing our heart.

We worry we'll choose the wrong colors.
We worry our page will get messed up.
We worry that our creation won't be as good as someone else's --
particularly the "professionals."
We worry that people will judge us.
We worry we'll do it "wrong."
We worry that WE are wrong.

UGH. Once we get on that escalator of self-doubt, it only goes in
one direction - down.

And let me tell you right now that down is NOT the direction that
God intended you for! God intended you to take your love for Him
and your love for creating and to use them to glorify Him and to
inspire others.

(And unfortunately you're not very inspirational if you are scared
to open your sketchbook and put your pencil to the page.)

I know - it's really easy for me to sit here and type these words.
After all, I'm a "professional." But you know what? Once upon a
time I felt the same hesitations and fears as you do. I worried
about the products. I worried about the results. I worried about
what others thought about my work. Until I got so sick of worrying
that I begged God to show me a different way. And He did.

He showed me how to have an audience of one - Him. With his loving
eyes as my only judge, my creations are a gift to Him. Even before
I wrote this email, I sat down and asked God to guide my words,
that they be pleasing to Him. That's what I worry about - not
whether my language is flowery enough or my grammar correct.

When I stopped worrying about everyone around me, my art became
easier. And God continually challenged me to stretch myself and to
share my journey with others, to free them from the binds of
judgment, self-criticism, and insecurity.

Which is EXACTLY why I developed Truth Scrap -- an online, LIVE
event that blends art and faith together. Coming to your computer
on Saturday, Jan. 31, Truth Scrap includes seven classes that will
show you not just HOW to worship God with your art, but WHY, and
how these seven women were able to get outside their own heads and
fight their own insecurities. Techniques, yes -- but even more
importantly, each instructor will share her individual journey,
with the intent of inspiring you to grow in your own creative path
to God.

We've already registered more than 250 people for this event, and
while you have several weeks left to sign up, I'm writing today to
encourage you to take advantage of our special $50 off discount. If
you use code "LASTCHANCE" at checkout before midnight 1/16/2015, you can
register for all seven classes, plus the pre-event PJ party, plus
special bonuses, PLUS get $40 off.

You cannot find a better deal on faith-based inspiration, a better
assortment of teachers, or a better price. So if you've been
waiting for a sign that you should sign up, let this be it!
Whether you choose to attend or not, please know - God loves it
when you connect with Him. He doesn't care what color ink you use.

Big ♥♥♥,

 I ask you to take a moment to check out the Truth Scrap site and see if it is something that could benefit you at this time. If you need a little spiritual push wrapped up in some artful magic than this is the event for you... Like Lain mentioned, this is the lowest price this class will be offered going forward. So if you are on the fence and considering joining us use code-- LASTCHANCE -- to receive $40 off at check out here.

I look forward to getting some time with all of you... connecting our hearts towards purpose and THRIVING together this year in what we are meant to be.

I hope you'll join me.

~Liz ♥

Monday, January 5, 2015

Family Calender tutorial - THRIVE 2015

 Happy New Year!

With this new year in full swing I wanted to share with you a super quick idea to help you get organized.

I am sure I am not alone in saying that keeping up with active kids and a full family schedule is tough.

Year after year we have tried different types of calenders, white boards, booklets and such just to keep communication in our family open.

THEY NEVER WORKED... well for us that is.

I realized that rather than to try and keep our schedule, notes and appointments hidden or mobile, It would probably benefit us more if ALL of us had access and it was easily viewed by ALL. WIth just a few simple supplies, we created this statement style house hold calender. My favorite part of this project is that we use the Marvy Uchida chalk bistro pens (which do not leave dust like chalk). These are my new favorite find from 2014. They are AMAZING and actually make it into my artwork once in a while too.


 Create this gorgeous statement message board with just 3 items.

Black Board Panels

Marvy Uchida Bistro Chalk Pens-

Screws (and anchors if needed)

1) Preparation
To create this board, first find a wall that is at least 2 ft across. The panels are 2x3 feet making them a great size to use alone or add two together and make a larger board (as shown here).

After you remove your hardware and electrical outlet covers from the wall, layout your panels as you want them. To accommodate for these items, lightly rub your chalk pen along the opening of our outlet and press your board against it to create a marking on the back side of your panel.

2) Cut
Now that you have a marking on the backside of your board of where your outlets will be, take a saw and cut out these items. If you don't cut it exactly you can always place an inexpensive frame to help make the cut more appealing.

3) Glue and Screw
Now that your panels are ready, glue the panels onto the wall with wood glue (press firmly onto wall, remove then press again). Or if you don't want to panels to be permanent you can always just use screws. TIP: Make sure to screw your panels into studs if not use appropriate screw anchors to keep your boards from falling down.

*optional- You can also trim your boards with a little molding to help finish it off, we bought some with the intentions of doing so but were really happy with the way the boards looked just as they were.

Organizing your Blackboard

Here are a few different items that we use on our board that have really helped us communicate as a family and keep up on doctors appointments, events and meetings.

Important Dates: This is where we put dates of things coming up, things that are not regular or any time soon but that will need to be remembered.

Store Shopping Lists: This takes up a part of our panel and is basically the place we write things that we run out of or need from different stores. I have about 4 or 5 stores written and we just write what we need from each store below each item

Dinner List: This is where our weekly meal plan goes. This is a super flexible plan as well, things hardly even go as planned lol. I also don't account for left overs so this always leaves me some meals to start the next week with. PLUS if I am not the one cooking, this gives who ever is cooking the idea of what to do for the that evening.

Weekly Schedule: Under each day of the week we write what our schedule is in our family color coded pen. We each have a different color pen so we can see our schedule and how it impacts others each week.

This also helps to know who left you the message because it will be written in their color of chalk marker.

Upcoming month appointments: This helps a TON to keep track of what is coming. These dates are in a holding pattern till the time they are to be put on the weekly schedule.

Family message board:This is a place to write messages to each family member... more or less it is a place for our families inside jokes or for my son to practice Japanese which is his new interest. In an ideal world it would be a great place to leave notes for family members when schedules get super busy... we just are not there, lol.

Doodle station: The doodle station is a place for the kids to just draw, leave funny quotes and just be themselves. It is hilarious the things we find there.

You can see just how easy it is to put this calender station up in your house. We have had this since June of 2014 and it has been a lifesaver. If you are wondering where you can find the pens, check out stores like Hobby Lobby, Art supplies stores, and even amazon. They are amazing around the house.

Thanks for checking in with us this year... I hope this calender gives you some good ideas on how to keep you and yours organized this year. Its definitely not fool proof, so we do have to constantly adjust for our family... but that is the beauty of it all. You just go with it, stay flexible and press on the course of life.

Make sure to check out my friends too!

This post is one of many that I will be doing this year for the theme THRIVE.

This year I will be sharing how the word THRIVE encouraged me to re-evaluate and organize my life. I will be sharing tips on how I work to THRIVE in family, relationships, community and in my art. I hope you'll join me. You can follow this as well as other free classes and tutorials through my facebook page (liz hicks studios), twitter (lizmhicks) instagram (liz_hicks) and tumbler (liz hicks) I use the following hastags for this.
 #thrivefamily #thrivecommunity #thriveart #pajwlh and #lizhicksstudios

Or you can sign up for our newsletter here!

Thanks again, and happy New Year to you and yours!

~Liz ♥

Thursday, December 18, 2014

3 Easy Holiday Crafts With Hersheys Chocolate kisses

Every once in a while I get the opportunity to try out products for various companies. Mostly for the craft industry but lately I have had other types of companies and products come my way. My life (although full of crafting) has so many aspects to it... all of which I love to share here on my blog, Twitter, facebook or instagram.

It's me. It's my family. It's my life. It is probably very similar to yours too. And that's why I share, because chances are we all are going through similar things, like similar things and well if I can share something helpful, I will.

This summer I started receiving Voxboxes from Influenster to try out various products. I receive these products complimentary with no compensation other than the products themselves. I get the products, test them out and share my experiences with them. Pretty simple and it helps to break up the monotony of contract work with this little sprinkle of fun. It is a lot of fun to get a mystery box of goodies to play with.

This seasons Voxbox was for Hershey's Kisses (#merrykissmas). This makes sense for our family since we bake and craft a whole lot of stuff for the holidays and Hershey's are really easy to add into the mix.

Kids Craft- Puffy Candy Garland

This craft is perfect to do with kids, even younger kids. Using broader point needle helps to teach kids some good hand eye coordination, but also give them the basic skills of sewing. I recommend supervising kids as they create this even though it is such a simple craft.

dental floss
tapestry needle or other broad needle
puffy craft balls
Hershey Kisses
cute crafty kids :)

To begin simply take a string of dental floss and thread your needle. I only have the thread pass through once to keep the thread thin. tie the end to help prevent your garland from falling apart. Proceed to thread sequences of kisses and puffy balls. We did 3 puffy balls to 1 kiss. This can also be a great time for kids to work on color pattern sequences as well. You can structure this as a learning tool for kids or you can just let them have at it and create. Your choice, either way its fun, easy and something they accomplish which is always a win. When you are done tie off the end. Kids can gift wrap this and give it to friends, this can be a candy/craft garland that they share with a friend as a part of a crafty gift basket... truly the possibilities are endless with this. After the gift is given, the kisses can be eaten and the puffy balls can be used to help learn counting, or for older kids they can be used for crafts. In our family when our children were younger, these puffy balls were used as currency in our home... so seriously the sky is the limit with this craft and the creative ways you can integrate it into your home or gifts.

In Case of Emergency "Relax" Kit

My first craft I made with my Hershey Kisses was some hostess style gifts. I gave these to the brave moms who helped me wrangle 15 girls for my daughters 9th birthday party last week. It didn't take long, but it was a nice way to share a treat with my friends who helped me so very much.


string or twine
2x2 white cardstock
stamp- Collage of Digits- Unity Stamp Company (Liz Hicks Studios)
washi tape
bottled drink
hersheys kisses

To create these is super simple. I made the 2x2 cards by stamping the cardstock, adding some white washi tape and then writing on the card my sentiment "hugs and kisses". From here I tied the card around the neck of my soft drink and tied the string into a bow. I simply added the kisses with washi tape to add some chocolate to my gift because seriously... after 2 hours with (15) 8-9  year old girls... who wouldn't need a little chocolate?

Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies

Every year our neighborhood gals get together for a cookie exchange. It is by far my favorite time we get together because well, we eat... we chat and we all leave with a bunch of cookies... It's like an Oprah's favorite things moment for me :)

This year my neighbor made my kids favorites- Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies

If you really want to make something quick and easy... these are them. You can pick up the two ingredients (peanut butter cookie dough and hershey kisses) that you need at the store. If you have a little more time you could use this recipe here.

But seriously if you are in a pinch... all it takes is just these two ingredients to make these cookies happen. Super easy.

If you are interested in learning more about the Influenster program click here.

Hopefully this gives you some quick and easy ideas for some homemade treats.

Enjoy your weekend!

~Liz Hicks ♥

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Chocolate Covered Caramel Wrapped Marshmallows- AKA The Scotchmallows

When I was younger my aunt worked for See's Candies. This meant every Christmas there would be some sort of sweet treat for each family and one of those tasty lollipops or a small assortment of candy sticks for each of us children. Even Easters would involve some of the dotted gum drops and of course... those lollipops.

With every mall visit, I was always so happy to stop by the See's shop and get my free piece of candy, as I grew older I still made it a point to drop by See's with every shopping trip, only this time to purchase candy out of guilt for all the free candy I had eaten through the years.

 From Apricot Delights, to Mint Truffles to Marsh Mints to well... just about any other candy they had there... my favorites changed just about every season :)

One of my consistent favorites has been the Scotchmallows. I mean who doesn't love butter caramel, wrapped around a sweet marshmallow and then dipped in dark chocolate?

Once in a while I will get a craving for something and I just have to make it. A few weeks ago it was for These Scotchmallows in which resulted in an in depth research project via the internet to find just the right recipe.

This recipe is a hack in order to make these beauties quicker and easier. Of course the original is much more flavorful, but momma doesn't have time for that.... so this recipe offers the flavor of homemade with the convenience of store bought for a few steps.

DIY Scotchmallows 

1 cup- Ghirardelli's semi-sweet chocolate morsels
1 bag- mini marshmallows


Caramel: (Recipe found at Not So Humble Pie)

2 cups granulated sugar
2 cups heavy cream
1 cup light corn syrup
1/2 teaspoons salt
4 1/2 tablespoons unsalted butter
generous pinch salt

Find full recipe for caramel here.

TIPS: The recipe is really easy to follow although time consuming. I recommend following the recipe and timing as recommended as it really does take some time to let the caramel slowly cook. Also you will want a clean, flat area to let your caramel rest. A marble slab or greased pan are recommended in the recipe. Since I don't make enough candy to justify a marble slab I used some plates that were greased and still had some issues with the caramel sticking. Even if the caramel sticks, you can still pull most of it off and use it. You might want to heat the dish up a bit to help release your caramel. Just don't heat it to much as you want your caramel to be firm yet pliable when you are working with it.

Once you complete the caramel, it has cooled and is ready to be worked with it is now time to wrap your marshmallows. This is where store bought comes in great. The original recipe (above) has some great homemade marshmallows that would be HEAVEN in your candy... I just don't have the time or patience right now to add it to my recipe and found that in a pinch... the mini marshmallows (if fresh) worked well and were very well received.

After you have wrapped your caramel around your marshmallows. prepare your chocolate by melting it according to the directions on the bag. I would start with 45 seconds in a microwave and progressively add more time in 15 second increments as needed. If you are using more than 1 cup of chocolate than you might want to double the initial time.

To dip your caramel wrapped marshmallows use two tooth picks to help you roll and stabilize your bon bon as you cover it with chocolate. 

Allow your chocolate covered caramel marshmallow dry on wax paper and cool at room temperature. If your chocolate is not setting correctly, you can move it to a cool refrigerator but make sure to allow your candies to settle at room temperature before serving them. The caramel will harden when cooled and will not be fun for guests to take a bite out of (ouch!).

This may seem like a time consuming recipe but it is actually pretty easy and super yummy. I hope you'll give it a try... it truly is worth it!

In case you missed past years recipes.... Find them here.

These recipes are some of the most pinned and viewed posts on my site PLUS a favorite for our family and friends too...

Wishing you some wonderful baking fun this season!

~Liz ♥


Monday, December 8, 2014

It's BACK. Free Art Journal workshop ALL YEAR LONG PAJWLH

What should have been a year long project in 2011 has now become my hearts desire. I am so excited to be bringing back #PAJWLH (Progressive Art Journal Workshop w/ Liz Hicks).

 What is PAJWLH? It is a free online art journaling workshop that combines art techniques, journal prompts coupled with inspiration and life learned lessons. The object of this progressive workshop was to allow myself and my friends online the opportunity to come together with the common goal of self reflection and understanding through the art of expressive creativity.

This has been one of my favorite projects because well... its free AND it allows me to share what I love most, art and relationships.

What to expect in 2015?

  • Well, this time around the posts will be organic, they will come as I feel they should and not scheduled like I did last time. It is just to hard to put a time line on creativity and you kind of have to let it stir as it comes. 
  • Each post will share some art, useful journaling techniques and or a message. 
  • This is a progressive art journal workshop which means you hop in and out as you please and create what suits you and work when you can. No pressure, no worries... just fun and art.
  • I may or may not invite guests or have different products that I find featured, this is in no way to promote income to myself or my blog... just for educational purposes because I like showcasing fun new products and different ways to incorporate them into creativity.
  • Some projects may be home decor, or small inspiration art items... not all will be art journal entries... but all will share the same basis. Art. People and a good message.
  • If you want to share your work simply link it back here, share it on the Liz Hicks Studios Facebook Page or Pin it or Share it with the hashtag #pajwlh . Last time we had some great participation and sharing going on and it was so awesome to see people connect through ach project. 
To Read about 2012's Progressive Art Journal Workshop click here .

I have in the past coupled my faith along with inspiration wrapped up with art prompts and a wonderful community of online friends. I plan to continue this into 2015 with the idea that I will be sharing my PAJWLH lessons with both a faith based and a traditional prompt. My heart is to make this a project that anyone can find accessible and enjoy.

Through the last few years I have seen this growth of resentment of faith and religion. Most of which relates back to people who just represent it in ways that are defensing and well, it just seems to be losing the whole point of the matter. I myself have been hurt by people of faith and know first hand just how hard it is to see good in something that others have delivered in hurt and condemnation. But through much reflection I am reminded that people hurt people and that faith in itself is meant to be separate, a retreat... a place and relationship to comfort and not destroy.

My goal is to share a double sided prompt mirroring faith and society all in one post so that those who are participating can find something in each post that they can relate to creatively or personally.

Truth is... I just love people. I love Art. And I love good messages.

Don't forget the GREAT class we have going on over at Truth Scrap as well, click here for details. Read more about it here.

 I hope you do to and will join me in 2015 ♥


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Introducing TRUTH Scrap... my FIRST online E-Course (and a little back story)

Words can not describe how happy my heart was when I was asked to teach for Truth Scrap. I haven't taken on a whole lot of contract work from the arts and crafts industry since finishing my last contract back in April. As much as I love working in the arts and crafts industry it takes its toll. Back in January I was faced with a tough decision, but ultimately it was the best decision for my family and that was for me to take a break from full time contract work and focus on being Mom PLUS getting myself healthy again. January (in general) was a tough time for our family...but that is a whole other story for another blog post.

During this time I struggled with letting go of that "NEED TO DO MORE" attitude that I had fooled myself into thinking was natural...desired. I had such a hard time letting go of what I thought my life was supposed to be and remembering what my life was actually supposed to look like. My overall purpose in life was a blurred image that I could not even recognize anymore. I had done this to myself and in my defense, it wasn't necessarily WHAT my heart desired, but mostly I did it out of fear... and again... that is a whole other story and a whole other blog post.

It's funny how easily this happens, over and over again. How fear creeps in through little cracks and settles into our hearts and minds. My fear is and always will be the well being of my family and thus my down fall when it comes to making sure their needs are put first.

But through this feeling of needing to provide, being a Mom, a wife, keeping up with our home and finances... I began to crack. At first it was little things like nagging colds that I couldn't shake. Then returned my stomach issues and soon I succumbed to an overwhelming feeling of just feeling helpless. Slowly the kids needs went by the way side, my husband and I juggled communicating, schedules and just trying to keep it all together. All of this eventually wore me down to someone whom I didn't even recognize. I remember looking in the mirror after returning home from a show, being horribly sick and just crying. I was not happy and I had done it to myself.

The wonderful thing about hitting bottom is YOU CAN ONLY GO UP.

Its not easy... but eventually you rise. During this time you have the amazing opportunity to peel back your layers and remember who you are again. WHO YOU ARE TO THE CORE.

What I had forgotten about myself during this time was that I was a FIGHTER.

I love WHOLLY.

I feel DEEPLY.

I NEED to process and PURGE.

In processing, I LET GO. I MOVE ON. I BUILD UP in myself and in my community. I make SENSE of it all so my heart doesn't hold on or hold grudges.

What was covered by fears and self doubt through these last few years suddenly began to wake up. Through much love and compassion from my husband, my children and my beautiful friends... I remembered just what this girl was made of and what she had in store for her. Some how my life had taken a turn in a different direction... it was time to turn things around and get back on course.

That's where this class comes in.

You see, I know where I am supposed to be. I can see what I should be doing clearly yet I use every excuse possible to widen the gap between what I am doing... and what I SHOULD be doing. Fears of taking on to much, not being available for my kids... even the fear of telling my husband what my desire for my future is... because I fear that he will not be supportive. They are all real fears, but they are the kind of fears that need to be CONQUERED. I knew deep in my heart that my life was not meant to be in a holding pattern. It was meant to move FORWARD. I couldn't let the fear of not knowing or difficult conversations hold me back. It is all part of the process and like I mentioned before... In order to process and move forward even difficult talks have to happen... Fears need to be confronted and excuses need to be reasoned with.

So I took steps, little ones, some BIG... and some so scary and huge that I didn't know just where I would land, but I knew that I would be going FORWARD and that was all that mattered. And through this I celebrated. Taking on these hard subjects and projects makes for some awesome victories. Victories that I may have often brushed aside during the crazy throws of life... but this time around... I was going to celebrate them.

What is this class about?

Well, as you can see from my story above, it's about process. It is about finding a foundation in life that you can stand on and move forward from. It's about GROWTH, recognizing in ourselves where we are and where we are supposed to be. It's being OK with not being OK. It about making mistakes, being HUMAN and embracing this...NOT running from it. All this wrapped up in some faith and encouragement. Although some of the material and content that I will be sharing will be biblical, this is not a class that is meant to alienate or make anyone feel out of place. This class is just the opposite. This class is meant to help each of us remember what we all share to the core. We are HUMAN, we each have PURPOSE, and we ALL need ENCOURAGEMENT on our journey.

Who should attend?

  • A) Those who need a little help getting back to their purpose.
  • B) Those who just love art and learning new techniques. 
  • C) Those who want to dig in deeper into learning about art mediums and applications. 
  • D) Those who have not taken the time to just "TAKE TIME". AKA, You want to take a break from the hamster wheel.
  • E) Human beings that recognize they are flawed and are looking for a safe place to have fun and create beautiful works of art.

What should I expect?

Well, the nice thing about Truth Scrap is that you gain access to 7 fabulous instructors. So besides my class, you will have access to 6 other instructors who have poured their hearts into their own class. Classes from home decor, art journaling, scrapbooking and MORE. So you are most likely going to find something you will enjoy. In my class I will share my in depth love for mixed media art and give you an overview of art mediums, their purpose, composition and how they can be used together to make mixed media glory. I will teach you to create a piece of art work that represents YOU and your purpose to act as a guiding post reminder. In addition, we will visit some of my "bible flaps" that I add into my bible to journal on. This will give you some ideas of how to use the art mediums we will talk about on a more regular basis and everyday journal purposes.

What do I get when I sign up?

(I copied this straight from the source)

-Full admission to all 7 classes, live

-Pre-Event PJ Party

-Unlimited access to class recordings to view at your convenience

-More fun than you can shake a stick at AND extra goodies!

…And you’ll get this all for the low price of $149 $79* – if you register NOW!

SAVE $20 NOW with discount code: ADVENT (till 12/24)

(That's over 50% off PLUS you get early bird access such as special sneak peeks, discounts, and more!)

This is only like $11 a class PLUS it will be the lowest price offered.

How do I sign up?

If you are ready to join me and my friends on this wonderful creative adventure than Click here to view more details. This will share with you all the info you need for the classes and give you an overview of each instructor PLUS a little description of the class. I am super excited about this class and can't wait to share it with you all!

I know I kind of shared a lot in this first part of this post... I'm sorry if it was a little too much but I feel it is important to share the heart behind my project and why I am so passionate about this class. I am a work in progress and have worked hard to give myself GRACE through life. I have learned so many lessons in this time and through faith, friendship and family I have found a good balance that suites me well. I hope this class gives you some help with finding this same clarity in life.

I hope you'll join me on this creative journey...

~Liz Hicks ♥

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How to Make a Sweet Garland in just 3 Easy Steps

I am a HUGE fan of my projects serving a purpose in my home. I love when something I have creating can serve multiple purposes, it is kind of like multiple projects all wrapped into one! This tree garland is one of those projects... After the holidays this can easily be used in my daughters room decor all year long.



Smoothfoam 1.5 inch balls
scraps of fabric in 1/8th to 1/4 INCH strips (these will be super thin)
glue gun for foam
scraps of lace, tulle and muslin for the spacers
optional: Clear thread

TIP: For this project, I used scraps of clearance fabric. This fabric was on clearance for $4 a yard at my local craft store, I maybe needed 1/8th of a yard so that puts each cut at about $0.50 each.

Step 1 Create Fabric Balls: (This is super duper easy...)
take your fabric and cut it into 1/8 to 1/4 strips. You can traditional cut with scissors or rip it for frayed edges. NOTE: try and keep your fabric strips thin as this will wrap easier.

Glue one end of your fabric to your foam ball. I used a foam hot glue gun to prevent melting. This works great to keep the fabric secured your your foam.

Wrap fabric around your foam ball until covered. You can cut and reposition your fabric and can glue down any rough edges as you go. This is why having thin pieces of fabric works best. the thicker the width, the more likely you are to get puckers of fabric you will have to glue down.

 Here is what the fabric looks like if it is too wide, I had to glue down the right side pucker.

Here is what it looks like when the fabric strips are thinner, creating a smoother application.

Step 2 Add filler fabric

For this I simple took 1x12 inch strips of white lace, muslin and sparkly glittered tulle and created "swags" in between each of the fabric covered balls.

TIP: Glue all three fabric edges together before attaching them to your balls.

You have two options on how to attach your fabric you your balls.

  1. You can sew them with a tapestry needle and transparent thread

  2. You can hot glue gun them together

Once you have one end of your fabric trio glued to your first ball, lightly braid or twist your fabric allowing all of the fabrics to show.

Continue this till you have one continuous strand of garland (make sure to add fabric to both ends anchoring your garland with fabric to hang if needed).


This is my favorite step! Add scraps of tulle, netting, sequin fabric or any colorful fun trim you can find. I used scraps that I have had in my stash for a while. The basic idea is that you want to add depth and texture to your garland through different types of fabric.

I LOVE the way this turned out and I extremely LOVE the fact that it can be used year round since I didn't use traditional holiday colors. The nice thing is that as you go to create your own garland you can add WHATEVER you want in WHATEVER color you want. This project is totally versatile and customizable to YOUR needs :)

The Smoothfoam balls I used were nice and light weight, didn't shed and kept their shape well during construction.

Thanks for stopping by!

~Liz Hicks ♥