Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Everyday Creative- Custom Resin Gems and casting

This week on Everyday Creative we take Ice Resin a step further and create custom gems for crafting. These beautiful gems can be used in any type of crafting from paper crafting (card making, scrapbooking, altered arts) to home decor, fashion to mixed media art. These beauties can be used for ANYTHING!

Make sure to check out this weeks video HERE... Custom gems and molds... this is a whole lot of fun!

Here are a few projects that I share on the show as well as some close up shots of products in use.

Us 12x12 transparency Layout


Here is a beautiful close up of the gem that centers this organza flower... it is awesome to customize your gems any color you desire!

Dupioni  Silk Accessories

In this project, the resin gem sits comfortably in a beautiful flower as its center. This hair piece can easily be used as a broach or even as a scarf or purse accent.

And of course in order to customize your Ice Resin... you need some pretty cool products to do so. To color your resin, you will want items that have a similar base to Ice Resin. Since Ice Resin is an oil base, a natural mixer would be oil paint to colorize your resin. You don't always have to use like bases, but it does help to make it easier for the products to mix (something I learned from my friend Jen Cushman).

If you really want to get creative... here are a few of MY favorites to colorize and customize Ice Resin.

Clearsnap makes an AMAZING selection of products that you may not even have thought of to colorize your resin or art materials. One of my favorite techniques is to use their re-inkers to create varying effects. They also make an amazing arrangements of glitters and accent pigments that are a ton of fun as well.

First up is the Clearsnap Archival Dye Ink Refill. This product is used traditionally to re-ink your ink pads... but it is good for so many other uses. When mixed with Resin, it offers a beautiful transparent effect that you can see through. This gives the effect of a semi-precious stone or jewel.

For this Onyx looking gem, I used the Clearsnap Black Pigment Ink Refill. When mixed well, it gives the effect of an opaque onyx gem. Really beautiful.

For some fun, I added Clearsnap Glitter to the resin gem below... Here I used a lot of glitter to give the gem an extra beautiful sparkle.

And here I used the same Clearsnap Glitter to give the gem a lighter sparkle that you can still see through.

 For this gem I used an economy oil paint that I purchased in a set at my local craft store. I wanted to make sure that this gem was next to the next gem so that you could see the difference. In this gem you can see a mild mottling of the color.

 Where as with this gem, I used the Clearsnap Pigment Ink Refill in a similar blue color and mixed it half the time than I mixed the black onyx gem. This offered the custom gem to have more of a mottled organic look similar to turquoise or agate.

And with this pink beauty... I used Clearsnap Smooch Pearlized Accent  Ink to colorize it. I used a pink which offered a gorgeous color and yet an even more gorgeous lustre of pearl due to the products highly metallic features.

With this gem below, I decided to have fun and just through some stuff in it :) This is just a reminder of how much fun Ice Resin is and how you can literally throw just about anything in it... This is a product to be experimented with and have fun!

 So I hope this all makes sense to you... This is a fun fun way to explore and experiment with your favorite Ice Resin and Clearsnap products. And of course to pass the fun and inspiration on to you all we are having another giveaway but before we announce that...lets announce our winner from last weeks giveaway!

Our winner for last weeks Ice Resin Giveaway is:

I have seen this product where i work and am excited to try my hand at it! you can make such beautiful things! just adore the bracelet and the sparkle!so many ideas!

Dana, please email me at primadonnaliz@yahoo(dot)com and I will forward your info onto our friends over at Ice Resin.

For this weeks giveaway... we are going to be having some fun on Twitter! Make sure to use the widget below for your entry!

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Thank you again!  If you have any questions... feel free to email me :)

~Liz Hicks ♥


  1. I think this is something I need to learn more about...I should say another thing!

    1. Martha, make sure to use the widget above to enter the giveaway... you have multiple ways to enter AND you can do it everyday too!

  2. Enjoying your video and all the info on IceResin! Would love to win this!! Thanks!

    1. Bev, to enter into the giveaway, make sure to use the widget above for entry :)

  3. Omg Liz!!! Fantastic! I totally want to play and create some of these. I've used chunkier glitter before and tart tins, also lots of fun. Hugs