Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kids do the darndest things...

Well every now and then I am totally caught off gaurd by my children. This week... well has been interesting and I though I would share with everyone. First we will start with my oldest.

He is in first grade but has the thought process of a 40 year old, in his class this week he was asked to fill out this questionnaire that asks how many things he would be able to do with $100. Now his responses are a little tough to read, but he go as follows:
First I would: Buy house supplies
Next I would: Buy a pet cat.
Then I would: Buy a bathtub
Finally I would: Buy clothes

These are not your typical 6 year olds answers!!! He is much to responsible for his own good, and what is so funny that he still totally acts like a young boy, his wisdom just cracks me up sometime.

Next (thanks to blogger mixing up my pics) is our three year old Daughter:

Now here is a picture of her baby doll that she picked out for her birthday this past December. We went to Toys R Us and she had to pick out just the right doll (they all looked exactly the same). After picking out the exact doll to take home, we asked her what her babys name was and she answered: "Ding Ding Dot Dot" . Yup, that is what she has been named and reffered to since day one, until this past week when I asked our daugher to pick up her baby (Ding Ding Dot Dot) and put her away in her room, our daughter looked me straight in my eyes and said that her baby was no longer a baby but was actually a robot. Yup, so here is the robot, ding ding dot dot.

Lastly is our middle son, and well this picture says it all... At Family night over at our sons Elementary, our middle child found this hat pinned to the bulletin board, and rather than to take it off and utilize it appropriately... he just stood right underneath it. I guess techniquelly he would still be considered to be wearing the hat (minor technicality).

Well that is my week of random oddities form the child side. Hope you get a kick out of them as much as I did!


  1. what great thought processes all three of your children have!! Love all the stories....

  2. I just loved reading about your children. It took me back to my daughter, who was 2 at the time, calling her doll "Six" ~imagine the looks on people's faces when they understood incorrectly. Her brother was 6 at the time so that made perfect sense to her.

  3. Great stories..I love hearing how little kids think. Reminded me of when I was 5 and named my new baby doll "Peaches". Seemed perfectly logical to me, tho it confused everyone else. When asked why, I replied "cuz her cheeks are like peaches and cream"! Guess I had heard the expression and it stuck!
    Write it all easy to forget all the cute things they say!