Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stop, drop and roll with it...

Ok, so that was out of no where! I was in our bedroom and the world just started to shake, underneath my feet. I grabbed the kids, sat in our hallway and waited through a 5.8 earthquake. Not so funny thing is that it was epicentered in Chino Hills which is headquarters for Prima. I called and everyone was fine, Donna said it felt like a car had hit the building. The warehouse had some movement, but nobody was hurt.

Well, we have to expect it in Ca. I am just glad I was with my kids to explain it to them. I tried my hardest to remain calm, and I guess it worked because they were not scared one bit. Jackson even started to ask about earthquakes, what makes them, how do they work, yadda yadda... typical Jackson.

BTW, stop drop and roll, is exactly what I did, although they are instructions for if you were on fire, you kinda have no choice but to roll when you are in an earthquake, right?

So again, I will try and post some more pics of Prima stuff, after the vendor faire, I am so excited!!! I really think that we can raise enough $$$ to get Aaron his dog!



  1. Wow! how scary to have to go through that.
    Drop & roll...you are hysterical! I am glad you & Prima are OK...boys are too funny aren't they....information is more important than survival...priorities Mama..priorities.

    I caught up on some of your posts I missed & I have to say...I am salivating at the new stuff. It looks amazing...I really hope some it gets down to us here in SA. We are always the last to get anything :o)
    Have a fab day!

  2. I saw the quake on BB on my live feeds!! lol

    Glad to hear you and yours are safe and sound!

  3. I am glad to hear that both you AND Prima are okay!!!

    I gotta say, I think I prefer my -40 and blizzards to an earthquake any day!!!! lol! I know... I know, I am a freak!

    It was great rooming wit you at CHA, looking forward to seeing you again soon!