Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So my posts for CHA have not gone as planned. I taught VBS the day after I came home ( I know, crazy me!) and after it was all done on Friday, well I was beat! I have been resting and finally feel a bit like normal, so I will get back to business asap!

This Wednesday is the Southern Ca. Vendor Faire, this is the first time I believe the retailers have done this so I am not exactly sure what to expect. I received a call last week from one of the retailers I work with to set up the charity event for the vendor faire. So, I will be there this week, and we have been working hard getting this going. As you all know Autism weighs big on my heart, and when I told my LSS the story of Aaron, she felt just as passionate to help. I believe that Autism is a reality for many and a fear for the rest, hearing that your child has something that you may not be able to protect them from, is the scariest thing a parent could ever face. You live your life as a parent planning how you will protect them, and when you are faced with an unknown adversary, it throws your whole sense of security off. That is why we do this, to give Aaron's family some sense of security that they may not have known before.

So if you haven't yet, check out Aaron's blog to read more of his story.

So again, forgive me for my scattered posts, on top of all this, my husband is painting the inside of our house, so I never know where my computer will end up! I have not forgotten to post my brilliante blog post either for those of you who nominated me, I have been methodically thinking about who to choose!!!


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