Thursday, July 10, 2008


And White sheets should never get married!

Well, this is the result of my daughter, the chocoholic, a cup of pudding and her need to watch Nemo in my room. The pudding was not originally invited, but I guess it made a guest appearance in the last half of the movie. A girl needs a little mid movie snack, doesn't she? And well obviously she is my daughter since she did her own little abstract interpritation of ART, on my duvet and carpets!!!
She likes to leave little reminders of art around the house just for me, I know I am so lucky to have such an artistic daughter (if you could only hear the sarcasm in my head right now!)
Here is to art, wherever in your house it may reside!!!


  1. Yikes....hope it all comes out.

  2. Oh no!! Hope that will come out.
    ~Sabrina the1scrappinmomma~

  3. Hola from Arizona! Just checking in to see the happs!
    Oh the joys of motherhood. Now I understand how my mom was so patient with me. It's nice to hear the sarcasm yet love for Sedona in your tone. What else can you do but blog and chalk it up to "temporary things."
    Take care...Mary

  4. Hola from Arizona! Just checking in to see the happs...
    Oh, the joys of motherhood. Kids have a way of teaching you over and over again that the tings of this world are just temporary, don't they. Thank you, Lord for giving us this reminder! We need it!
    I love the sarcasm in your tone...what else can you do but blog it!!!

  5. O-oh! can't deprive a girl of her mid-movie choc snack now can ya....what an understanding Mama you are hahahahaha!

  6. oh no, not pretty....

    Remember that they do grow up.