Sunday, July 13, 2008

Last minute scrapbook oopsies

Well I am scrapping like a mad woman trying to get my last minute projects done for CHA and I have had one laugh after another of scrapbook oopsies.

1) My sweet and as you all know artistic daughter decided to enjoy a pack of my crystals and rub-ons on her PILLOW! Luckily this was older product so no worries about the new stuff!! It was safe up high!

2) I went to pick up my pics @ Costco and I accidentally ordered them glossy instead of lustre, ARGH! I really wish that Costco would us lustre as their default, it never fails I always have to go back and change it!

3) Lost (and later found) a pack of Say it in Studs, and the are the cutest little animals, well I finally got them on a layout, and LOVE it!!!

Did I mention that My daughter also got into my glue dots??? yup, there were a few casualties, but not an all together wash.

So I laugh, because I thank God that it could soooooo be worse than glue dots and lost and found. The kids made it to my parents house nice and safe, they were so happy to go ( I don't take offense on bit!) and James has been helping me get this place ready for my absence. I love him!

So good night!!! and I pray that there are no more oopsies for me or for you!



  1. Can't wait to see what you put together. Glad the oopsies weren't too bad.
    Have a great time at CHA.

  2. Just a quick Hi! to say all the best for CHA! I just know it will be great fun!
    NB God never wastes anything....I wonder what He has in stall for you while you are there?