Wednesday, July 9, 2008

An unexpected pick me up!

After a tough week, I was blessed by these true random acts of kindness~

Yesterday, my husband handed me a bright blue envelope, sent with love from South Africa. It was from my bud Kim, and inside was this beautiful card, with some very thoughtful words.
A few days ago, I received a blog post from Erica, and she had dedicated one of her blog posts to me! She had done some projects using the Dude line from Prima. She has a sweet little boy named Mitchell, and well the Dude line works perfectly for him!!!
Yesterday I received a blog post from Christina, and she nominated as one of her favorite blogs, I was so touched.
It moves me to think that even though I have the hardest time balancing life, my buds still think of me and encourage me. It just reminds me of how and why I started to scrap.
So although this week has been a true challenge in my life, thank you for sending me these little pick me ups, that I so needed!


  1. I love when things happen just at the right time!

    I nominated you for an award. Visit my blog for deets!

  2. LOL, Tomie gave you one to! 2 for 1. How special you are to us!!!

    Well, stop by my blog to pick up the award or at Tomie's. But at least stop by and see what I said about ya!!

    Toodles-Have a great Thursday!!


  3. You are very welcome.
    I hope your week goes better.