Monday, February 18, 2008

Pics from CHA, New Prima

Here are the first pics of CHA, Almost all of my pics are of the Prima booth, but I asure you there was alot there, so you will get an eye full! These are the new "Build A Swirl" Stamps and Crystals. A great concept that adds depth and texture to your pages. First you stamp, and then you lay the crystals that fit perfectly, right on top. Just one of the new systems Prima has come up with to give your product more uses, and added effect. They also have coordinating stamps with chipboard alphas as seen in the example.

Enjoy your Monday! We are off to the Zoo!



  1. Those are some yummy stamps I see there! I'm so into stamping lately it's crazy! I hope all is going well with you :)

  2. Coolness! I can't wait to see the rest of your CHA pics!!

    Have a great time at the zoo! :D

  3. I love it all!!! Thanks for sharing.