Sunday, February 17, 2008

photo editing at it's finest!

And I only say this because to me this is brand new!!! After CHA, I just wanted to run home and get reaquainted with my digi scrapping. I have had a few things that I have been wanting to try, so today I googled... "tutorial for pse4 vignettes" and Voila! up popped a tutorial on how to make your own vignettes. I really want to bust out my Renee Pearson books again. I love the ease of her tutorials.

So if this is new to you, here is the link to practice for yourself.

It is super easy and adds a nice touch to your pic. You could also do it in a reverse to ad a glow.
The bottom sample pic has a soft vignette on the corners and the digi brushes are found here:
(these are just to pretty to pass up!)
Let this open the door to my fellow amatuer editors!


more pronounced vignette

light vignette with floral brushes and warm filter

Who would have thought that a pic of my DD having a bad hair day would come out so cute!
Have fun and enjoy!


  1. Wow! they are seriously cute...thanks for the links. I am definitely going to try them too. Have a great day!

  2. Tried the link to the tutorial and love that now I can do it myself. I love the effect it has on photos- thanks for the tip.
    -scrappinmomma from CKMB-

  3. What a great end result! Thanks for the websites to help us to the same...