Sunday, November 11, 2007


So this is what it is like to sleep in?!?!?!?! I feel alseep last night watching Flip that House. Normally I love watching TV with James but I was so beat from the day (did I mention that I crashed a baby shower?-Sorry, Cathy and Karen!) tha I jsut fell asleep on James' lap. Yesterday Me and leslie went to the scrap swapmeet, target and then to Karens baby shower. I had to tag along becasue we didn't have time to go back to my house, and Leslie didn't want to drive. After that I came home, hung out with James for a while watching football. Then we went to dinner and did Christmas shopping. too much money later.... I was pooped and ready for bed.

BTW, I know who the winner is!!! I am getting the prize pack together, as promised I will announce the winner on Monday. OK, I am off to church.

Anyone want to do another weekly challenge?

I think we should, I will think of sonething and get back to you all!


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