Thursday, November 8, 2007

One more chance!

tommorrow is the deadline for my birthday RAK and I thought I would give all of you who frequent another chance to to win. so post here or the thread below to win. and let me know what style you like so I can thinkof it when I go SHOPPING this weekend. I will try and take it into consideration but if you say "cricut" style, we may have to talk.

have fun!


PS, the kids are going to grand-ma-ma's and grand-pa-pa's tomorrow for four days!!!!!

So i get to sleep in!



  1. Hi,

    Enjoy your 4 days of quiet without the kids!! What scrapbooking supplies are you going shopping for??

    My Favorite brand of scrapbooking supplies is K & Company!!!

    Kristy (kbird77)

  2. While hubby was doing the IG copy/paste stuff, I didn't get to read this post until now...Liz, have a splendid 4 this shopping therapy? In the description area of up load item I mentioned that I'm pretty much okay with all brands, I haven't gotten around to shopping on-line sometimes takes awhile for it to sink in that I really would, so have to wait and not nag, nag, nag! I now have a few sites where I can drool over the Foo-fa-la stuff {I'm wondering how that could work with the Love, Elsie stuff? have you ever worked with that combo? As part of the CK contest goodies, I got 8 sheets of the MOD/Autumn Leaves blackbird line...I mentioned in my thread that I had 2 sheets of theri vellum and I thought 3 sheets of their pp, and then realized I actually had some black letter chipboard {X and R and T}, that I got for $0.50 or $0.75 on clearence! Want you to know that it's 12:49am on November 10th. I haven't forgotten you, Hey, do you mind if I send you a card once in awhile...if I want to send you anything else, I can always ask before hand? Anyways, I do come to your blog {I just don't comment that often}. Just incase you've forgotten, it's Royce/ckmb. Happy Church Day to you, Liz. Joyce

  3. Kudos to sleeping in!! Enjoy those four days of relaxation :)

    My style of scrapping is clean and simple. I enjoy Scenic Route and Basic Grey, but honestly, I'm not picky!! I like everything, especially if it has a hippo or a bird on it ;)

    Thanks for offering such a nice RAK. Continue having fun on your b-day :)

  4. It's heaven isn't it???? Sleeping in that is. We too managed an afternoon sleep on Saturday arvi....only about the 3rd one in about 3 yrs :O) It sounds like you had a real 'doozer' of a day, no wonder you were bushed!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your couple of days off.