Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Party over here!

My package from ~kim~

the motherload that was inside of kim's package

My birthday/christmas present from Holli and Leslie

Well today is my birthday and it has been a really good one so far. Last night James took the kids to dollar tree to shop for me. He wanted to see just what they would be drawn to, and what they would think I would like. So I ended up with Two purses and a sock. Well the first gift was from Sedona, I closed my eyes and held out my hands and as she giggled in glee I looked down and saw a barbie style plastic purse (did I mention that all she likes right now is barbie?). Second was Jackson. I closed my eyes and held out my hands and when I opened them I found in my hand a glittery gold tapestry make up bag with a fur trim. (yup, mama loves glittery furry blingy things) Last was Sawyer. I closed my eyes and held out my hands and when I opened them I bursted out laughing (I could here him giggling as he put it in my hands). It was a Sock. Just one Go, Diego, Go! Sock that he had worn earlier. He thought it was so funny that he had tricked me. I was so impressed that my little 3 year old had thought of tricking me! I could have cried tears of joy just to see him think out of the norm ( which is not his forte). Just another little glimpse from God of Sawyer breaking out of his PDD label! The last present was some Ms. elizabeth Scrap paper that Jackson had eyeballed and thought, "Hmmm... maybe we should get mommy some scrapbooking stuff". Good boy, although the patterns were picked out by a 5 year old, I think I can use them for cards.

Today James took both boys to school and brought me home coffee. Doesn't get much better than this!

So to celebrate I want to have a contest to share my over abundant stash with you all.

post a comment on this topic thread for one entry. post a link to your most recent project for another entry. post as many as you like. I will pick a winner randomly and showcase your project on monday. all posts done by friday will qualify. I will take saturday and sunday to get the prize together and post the winner on monday.

PS, make sure to mention what style you scrap, what your favorite brand is and what you currently are working on. Any questions.... post them here.

thanks for playing!



  1. What a great story! It sounds like your kids may know you pretty well! LOL! I will have to come up with a cool project to post in the next couple of days. I love your blog, btw! Very fun!

  2. Happy Birthday, Gotta love $$ Tree maybe I'll do that for DH from DD this next year!

    My Birtdhay is the 10th so we share a great week!

  3. What wonderful birthday gifts, especially the sock!!

    Happy Birthday!!

  4. That is so funny about your 3 year old tricking you.
    My boys do things like that and I'm always blown away at what great senses of humore they have.
    Happy birthday, fellow Scorpio. Mine is next week!

  5. Hey Liz...Happy Birthday!!!! I love the dollar tree idea...
    I'm working on christmas cards...still in the planning stage though. bought paper and everything, took a family picture with a photographer Sunday, so still working, but it's slowly coming together.
    my favorite brand is American Crafts...lovet them!
    thanks for doing this..you're sweet..hope you have a great birthday!

    Elisabeth C

  6. Happy b-day, Liz!! Sounds like you had a great time last night with your family. Enjoy your presents, and please let us know what creative thing you do with that sock!

    Here's a link to my most current project (it's basically my blog). Come check it out!


  7. Thanks for sharing your birthday with us. Will you be doing an lo on the differences in the giggles of each of your children {a take on the baby cry that each Mother knows, "10 babies crying out of 25 and the Mother's JUST KNOW who's who}? Joyce

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  9. Sandy said...

    Happy Birthday Liz. As you may know, I really don't like visiting blogs...but since it is your blog, here I am. LOL Loved your story about the special birthday gifts from the kids. Don't you love it when they give you something that "they really want." The sock story and his "tricking" you is precious. Thanks for sharing such a cute Birthday story.

    Here is my latest LO that I did for OneLittleWord challenge...Delight.

    I'm working on Christmas ornaments for my two DGDs, so if I get them finished before your deadline, I'll post them.

    I love Bohemia, Basic Grey and Fancy Pants to name a few. Love using my Cricut and Crop-A-dial too.

    Thanks for a fun contest.

  10. Happy Birthday Liz,
    JFM hasn't worked his magic on me, so no projects to share :)

    Happy Birthday, love the $ Tree Story, I just ran to the new one near me to stock up on some paper they have been raving about on the board:)

    Again Happy Birthday


  11. Happy Birthday Liz!!!!
    My birthday was yesterday and I got lots of SB supplies. I hope you get lots as well!!
    Your 3 year old sounds like quite the joker!! I bet he keeps you on your toes.


  12. Happy Birthday!!! That is too funny about the sock. Love that.

    favorite brand and current project... an addict like me isnt picky ;)

  13. Happy Birthday! I've always said the best people were born in November. Did I mention my birthday is also this month? LOL Glad you had a great day.

  14. Hi there Liz....wow what a lot of comments!! It must be a record? :o)

    I haven't popped in for a couple of days and missed your birthday :O( sorry man!!

    BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyway!!! x

    I see you did have a smashing day tho'.....nice people should get spoilt & loved silly!!!

    I never work on one specific project as such, but rather concentrate on 12x12's using whatever photo's grab me {I have soooo much catching up to do} I have posted a couple of my latest pages {that I haven't submitted} on my blog if you wanna go & see?

    Products Hmmmm? there is so much we don't get here....American crafts, SEI, Scenic Route, Maya Road....oh who am I trying to kid....if it is classified as stash...it is GOOD!


  15. Hey Liz!
    All of my current projects are for HOF, so I can't enter. However, I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!
    Take care, Julie

  16. Hey Liz! I just saw the link to my blog on your site "HappyScrappySam and 8 is enough!!!!" I'm ROTF over here!!! You know what? Eight IS enough!!! LOL :)

  17. Liz, Happy Belated Birthday! I haven't talked to you in a while. Hope everything is going well with ya.

  18. Hope your birthday was happy! my latest project involves my silhouette and 10 yard rolls of yummy vinyl... and labeling anything that's not moving... eventually i plan to work my way to the walls in a big way!
    you can see them on my blog

  19. Here's my project.


    I'll link this to your CK thread as well.


  20. Happy birthday. The sock gift made me laugh!

    I'm working on cards right now. I have thank you cards and baby cards Im working on for friends/family. Oh and of course my never ending backlog of pictures!

    I like everything scrapbooking but I especially like rub ons and ribbon! And printed papers!

    Check out my blog!

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  22. Happy belated Birthday!!!
    November is a very cool month to celebrate a birthday, NPI.LOL! I celebrated my 35th on the 1st.
    Have fun shopping, hope you get LOTS of goodies. And isn't it great when you can hire a sitter for the kiddos and have some free time. If you're like me- enjoy! b/c it doesn't come often.
    As for my scrappin style...anything goes. But gotta say the new Sassafras Lass stuff rocks!!! Check it out if you get a chance.
    Again, happy birthday. Hope it was a good one for ya!
    Melissa (mnbabe from the CKmb)