Thursday, November 15, 2007

My scrap haven is in the works~

Well, I have been a little blog bummy the past few days. That is because it is mad chaos over here! Construction has started on my scrap haven!!! We are in the first steps of the process, but it is looking like I will be scrapping with in the next few weeks in my new space. We are converting the garage into an extended living space where the kids can play and I can scrap! So sorry if I have been a bit of a bum...I have a good reason!

BTW, keep an eye out because I am going to have to unload on a lot of my stock, so who better that my scrap pals to give it too?



  1. Congrats, Liz!! It sounds like you have your hands full at your hosue :) Good luck, and have fun!!

  2. How fun. I am also in the process of purging stuff. How do we get so much? LOL

  3. I am so excited for you to have a great space to work in, as well as keep the kids close by.
    New spaces are so fun!

  4. Hello there....a fews weeks isn't so bad & not far off. Yay for you!

    We renovated for 2 years, in two stages....I took serious strain with mess for so long. From experience, I just know you are going to LOVE the added space.

    Chat soon

  5. Yeayeah!!!Under construction with an awesome purpose in mind {not to mention the 'ol "great goodies", in your face suck up}. Gotta go, Steve will be home in a little bit...happy evening to you Liz. Joyce