Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It was all an accident

Today I realized I am 100% a scrapbooker. As the final stages of my scrap area are completed (ok, no drooling but the final Sq. foot count is 400 SF of scrap space! plus laundry and kiddie play but who's counting) I found myself thinking back on how this all started. I would have to give 100% of the credit to my new found depth of passion to the CKMB. Before I went on there I enjoyed scrapping and getting to do it with my friends but I would not have known the depth of joy that scrapbooking now gives me with out the CKMB. It seems so accidental but I know that it was God appointed. For me to meet each of you and for me to be given the opportunities that I now have, I am so blessed. I cannot see my life any different and I really feel that this is where I am supposed to be in life. I am pleased and overjoyed!

thank you again!


  1. I agree with you! I have always loved scrapping, but the CKMB really helped me love the hobby even more! The friendships I've made over there are priceless :)

    Have yourself a happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. You are very welcome!! the CKMB girls you have met & gotten to know, feel the same way I just know it

    ....there is no co-incidence in the lives of a believer...just appointments with His plan.

    {If scrapping is part of this plan, I am liking it already hahaha!}

  3. I love the CKMB girls too...
    How exciting for your new space! I can't wait to see pictures!

    and all good things come from God, so scrapbooking must be one of them!

  4. Hi Liz, Glad you guys had a Happy Berkey day. We drove to Oregon City to be with one of Steve's brothers and his Mother and some of Sister-in-laws family. 400 square feet of yummy space to enjoy the lives of your children and create...and do laundry! I'm so happy that you have your new space, anyways...pausing once in awhile to pick up my newly rusted chipboard keys inbetweetn typing this comment.My tippy-top fav non scrapbook mag {Cloth Paper Scissors}, has a rust article in their nov/Dec 07 issue that had me starting the salt/vinegar and water mix and throwing in some odds and ends to watch rust {i think i put toooo much water in}. I took the "stencil" part of FancyPants dreamer board {part of my prize from CK}, and traced the key shapes onto cereal box and cut it out and layed the shape down on a green ink pad, let dry and then used Delta Ceramcoat Red Iron Oxide acrylic paint, let dry and then used Tim Holtz Distress Ink in tea dye, let dry {also did a little rubbing}, laid it back on the green ink pad - checking as i went to make sure I didn't apply too much and then did some more rubbing...6 keys later and i want to make more! Need to go find the journal that I wrote down your address in to mail your C-card. Blessing...Joyce