Friday, October 26, 2007

Blessings, a few boos and some funky felts

This week has been chaos! From driving to and fro to pick up four different kids, to prepping for my workshop to AWANA's and the muggy air, PHEW! FRIDAY IS HERE!!!!

I have to say... yesterday was my workshop for our church and that was the highlight of my week, maybe even month! I am not always able to minister to the masses, with having three kids and a house to maintain most of my ministry is at home and revolves around wiping noses and making dinner. Day to day I do get individual opportunities to bless and be blessed but as far as being able to serving in a ministry @ our church, there just hasn't been an opportunity for us that we felt didn't take away from our family. Well this was perfect! I prepped kits for about 30 and I think we used 20 of them. The ladies were AWESOME too! they laughed and enjoyed themselves just as much as I did. Almost half of the ladies had never scrapbooked before, which filled my heart with joy to know that I was able to bless them with their first scrap experience. The most important message that I hope I delivered to them was just to take some time out to refresh themselves, balance home and a recreation but to know that they are worth it because their heavenly father treasures them and wants them to enjoy and maintain a healthy balanced life. I also shared with them on how I started to scrap which was through friends from our church, how they had taken me out during my time of need (while I struggled with Post Partum Depression).

Scrapbooking for me is a release I can escape to to clear my mind and renew my thoughts. It is what God has blessed me with and I hope to never take this treasure for granted. I remember when we were dealing with finding out about Sawyers diagnosis of being on the autism spectrum I scrapped just to clear my mind and deal with my emotions. I still remember working on some altered blocks right before we had to leave for his MRI and all I could do was sit there and sand the edges, over and over again. It was as if I was at my breaking point on the verge of falling apart but God held me in this moment to keep me from letting my thoughts wonder.

So although I was called to be a blessing yesterday, I was doubly blessed in return. It was awesome and I hope to get the opportunity to do so again!

next on my list is Boos~

Yup, boos. Last night we went out on a hunt. We drove around, finding unsuspecting (well, not really since we are known for booing) friends and family to Boo. Since we hadn't been booed this year we decided to start it on our own. It is a fun tradition that we do with the kids, getting treats together for friends and leaving them on their door step with instructions on how to boo their friends. We then ring their door bell and run like CRAZY! So if last night you had this pleasant package on your doorstep then yup, it was us!

Lastly, some new funky finds~

Felt. I Love it! and these new felts just caught my eye @ Jo's (Joanns for he non MB people). Embossed felt and glittery felt. only 60 cents a sheet well worth it for me! I can't wait to use these for November!

It feels nice to be back and blogging again, thanks ladies for all the well wishes and prayers, you all are truly special! THANK YOU!!!!


* well since blogger is not obliging me, there are no pics... I will try and post them once blogger and me make up.
** Ok, we made a compromise and I was allowed one pic, I will start a new topic for the other pics~


  1. I got some of that felt!! I made a cute card with one. I used the glittery white. I haven't figured out how to use the embossed ones yet!!

  2. awesome felt! I've been wanting to start making my own embellies, let us all know some "tricks" to working with it when you get up and running!

  3. It's really great to be able to serve at church. I really belive that making service a part of our daily lives not only helps those we serve, but it's so rewarding for us as well.
    Oh, and that felt is just lovely!

  4. Snort!! I'm glad you and blogger have kissed and made up! LOL!!!

    I'm gonna have to run to Jo's and check out that felt. I like the texture!!!


  5. Hi there! Glad you hear you sounding better :o)

    Thanks for all the news! You've certainly been busy!

    By the way.....who's Jo's, is it a real store or online? Love the felt idea....perfect for seasonal scrapping.

    Have a super day!!!!


  6. I've had a few hard times getting photos on lately too!

    I'm glad you got to share scrapbooking at church. I am a part of a SOM Moms (Sisterhood Of Motherhood) at a local church. We do a lot of crafts and I can't wait to get us to do a scrapbook day!

    Have fun with those "Boos!"