Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Day two of firsts...

Today was Sawyer's first official day of pre-school. He was very upset with me because I wouldn't let him wear his red crocs to school. he kept crying for his "red shoes". I finally was able to get him excited about going to see Mrs. Lewicki after bribing him with a few M&Ms. When we got there he was heartbroken because another little girl had taken the #5 which was his # during summer school. With his delay he doesn't take change very well so it really threw him for a loop. regardless, I was able to capture a few precious moments. Here they are to share with you all.
Sawyer running in to class

The unhappy fellow and Mrs. Lewicki

Posing for the Mammarazzi


  1. what a sweet face...even with the pout!

  2. Great pics!! And you were right not to let him wear his crocs! :) Sneakers are much more practical for preschool! Hope he's loving school and doing well!

  3. I love that beautiful face on your precious boy! and that name mammarazzi is so funny! I may have to steal your idea if that's okay... :)

  4. Joscie, steal away! I borrowed it from Sam Ellis anyways!

  5. I love the photo of him running ahead of you. I also got one of those of Callie. I think I'm going to do a page titled, "Slow Down!" Or something similar. I also love the photo of him with the teacher. It's such a contrast to the running ahead photo. Are you going to do a LO with those?

  6. Fab pics....I feel so much for these little ones.....what a scary thought it must be for them to leave Mama for the whole day, to be with some strange woman....& WITHOUT his fav red shoes.

    I am TOTally borrowing Mammarazzi too....it is classic!