Thursday, September 13, 2007

Grease Lightning...

She runs like the wind in her new kicks. I could barely keep up with her with the camera but I managed to grab a few good clicks. She loves princesses, shoes and running from mommy so this was a happy combo for her.
thanks for peeking @ my future track star~


  1. I'm a bad blogger. I should be punished or something! :) As the daughter of a school teacher when I got in trouble I had to write sentences. Maybe I should write "I'm a bad blogger" 100 times or something!

    What cute photos! I love pictures of everyday things! I just might have a future track star in my home as well. Drew spends pretty much all day running! I'm sure he's the one to thank for any weight lose I have had!! The joys of being the mother of a toddler!

  2. Love the pics......I think it is a general problem in scrappers streaking away from the camera pointing mama. I have loads of those pic's too.

    Cute 'sneaks'!
    It was so great to have you comment on my blog the other day....sort of makes blogging worth it knowing you are actually talking to someone somewhere, rather than just yourself.

    Have a SUPER day

  3. Just wanted to stop in for a little bit and say hello to you Liz, just a quick H & G [hello/goodbye], anyway, was wondering if you have a scrap pal?
    Maybe I'll have some time later to go back through your "good stuff", off to get the last SS album done! Joyce

  4. OH, I totally had a dream about you last night! We were hanging out and having a great time with lots of other scrappers. IT was so much fun!