Thursday, August 23, 2007

speed bumps of moments

As a mother I am often faced with little trickles of clothing that my kids have shed. on this day the kids had just come home from school and as normal off came the clothes. Everyday I am reminded of just what a wonderful jewel Sawyer is. last year he had no clue how to take off his (shoes or even what shoes were for that matter). Through therapy he has come such a long way. this layout depicts the miracles that we often pass up on our day to day or that we forget in the hustle of life. This particular day I was up to my ears in SOY projects and looking for a few good ideas, but nothing rang out. I began to pick up after the kids and started with the same old monotonous routine. And there they were, sawyer's shoes. I went to pick them up and was suddenly stopped. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of pride and love for Sawyer. here were his shoes in a cute little pile right in front of the door and COVERED in sand. I cried a little and laughed at the cute little size 8 DC's. How many of these cute little monuments have I passed up or forgotten? I am blessed and everyday I am reminded through little thins like this that I am overwhelmingly loved by God and taken care of even in my turmoil. When I found out that sawyer was going to be different I was devastated, but God has held true to his word and each day I am gifted sweet little miracles like these. glimpses into the true purpose of my children. So this Layout is to remind me to stop and take in the moments of life and cherish the gifted miracles I am given. I love the hand made goodies on this one, and it was one of the easiest supply list of all my SOY projects!
thanks for looking!


  1. Thank you for reminding us all about those little moments and what a great God we have who supplies our every need. Thank you!

  2. This is a beautiful LO Liz, very well journaled. I love that you used your own writting on such a personal page for your child.

  3. OH, Liz this LO is wonderful! LOve the journaling and the picture! I too try to make a point of noticing all the little blessing each day and be grateful for them. Your journaling is so heartfelt and precious! Love your doodle-y paper and embellies too-very Elsie-ish!

  4. liz, this is beautiful!!! thanks for the reminder to cherish the little moments!

  5. Awesome job Liz! It's so easy to not realize each blessing but when we do it's so important to remember and be thankful to the One from whom they come! Thanks for reminding me to be appreciative for the "little" things! God Bless you and yours!

  6. Hi there Liz~ you are right when you say it is all about the small things. Your L.O is lovely, the personal touches make it so special.
    Sometimes it is easy to forget that God is never the bad guy when life gets weird. He promises that although life won't be perfect, He will never abandon us in our time of need, in fact it is then that He stoops down & picks us up to make it easier for us to get through.
    Thanks for sharing it with us!