Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Soon to be pumpkins~

So this year we decided to grow our own pumpkins. Last week my sister-in-law brought her 3 kids over and we planted then in styrofoam cups. This weekend we came home to our little sprouts popping up out of our cups. The boys are so excited! I am curious as to how much room they are going to take up and how big they will get. we got the Big Max variety which boost to get up to six feet wide. Now we will sooooo not be having six foot pumpkins but a couple little guys for pics I can handle. It has been fun being able to explain the planting and growing cycle with the boys.

well this is sure to be an adventure, hopefully it will work out!


  1. Just checking?...You will have to find say a tires width for each seed, for the transplanting(they do an awesome job of helping you space items as well as helping keep things neat), haven't planted in so can go find a tire(or whatever...keep in mind the inside size of tire as well as the out side size of tire), for each kid and make name plates with their name and a REALLY SILLY pumpkin name(and of course take pics)! Liz, have an awesome day, today(Thurs.). Joyce

  2. I hope you have a HUGE yard!! hahaha!
    Good idea to get the boys involved with a fun project like this....I wonder if my kiddies would like to do this too? Hmmmm! worth a try, just something smaller like bean sprouts or something...6 feet wide is a bit daunting ;o)

    ps Steve has some good ideas there.

  3. Those plants look great already! Good luck! IT's so fun for the kids to get their very own pumpkins! Oh, and congrats on your new camera!!

  4. We love growing pumpkins and watching them grow all summer. So far this year, I've found 30 pumpkins out in our little patch. Some of the plants still have blooms coming in, so I'm sure there will be more.

    Have fun with yours!

  5. We have a garden every year.... This year, our new MinPin has been invading the garden... We've put some plastic lookn chicken wire but he still manages to find his way in and tramples the vines....I doubt if our pumpkins, squash, zucchini, melons, etc. will produce very much... But our DGS love to plant things and see them grow... How you get some awesome pumpkins for the kids.... Patti