Friday, August 3, 2007

Congrats my friends!

big shout out to my buds on the MB who made top ten!

Noel and Ali you all rock!!!!!! If I would have know that you had entered Ali I would have made a banner for you too!


  1. Yes....congrats ladies!!! Liz - love the queen me layout!! Sorry my hearts didnt bring you luck....:(

  2. Liz you are such a sweet person!! Thank you so much!

    Do you care if I link you on my blog?? I always like having blogs that read at an easy reach with a link...what can I say I'm lazy!! lol

  3. Hi Liz, just got back (about 10:30pm), been in the church kitchen for 8 hours today(we have this comedy club,Saturday Night Life the first Saturday of every month), after taking two Excedrin and finally finishing my dinner, I started to work on some future RAKS,Steve in bed, I still need to unwind alittle more before hit the pillow, so I decided to come to the MB, had to check out your lo and say hello,you have a excellent Sunday with God and Family.