Friday, August 3, 2007

Queen Me

Here is the LO I did for SOY that after almost finishing it, I though it was missing something. as I remembered these cute little Queen an co. hearts that Kim had given me and for the life of me I could not find them anywhere! i twas killing me, everywhere I looked, no hearts and all I need was two!!!

So I went to the faithful CKMB and asked if anyone had two. Sure enough, melegs responded and sent me a white one and a black one and finally I can show her the LO she helped me with! the hearts are really small but you can see them handing on the bottom of the chess pieces.

This is a pic of me and my DH the day we were married, the quote is from an Everclear song that my DH use to sing to me and still does.

"My girlfriend is like magic in the hand when I lose my sparkle she's the only one that understands. I swear I'm going to marry you someday" ~Everclear

All stamps are TT and so are the tiles. I also sent this to the creative director of TT as she so graciously sent me a prize pack and asked to see what I did with it. Eileen is awesome!!!

thanks for looking!



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  2. liz, i love the mood of this lo... very cool!

  3. That is an absolutely beautiful page.

  4. I helped!! I helped!!! I'm so excited that I got to help you create such an awesome page! Long live Everclear! :D