Friday, August 3, 2007

At twenty-eight...

A little Scrap therapy after SOY. This Lo took me seriously minutes to make but it is one of my favorites. how often do I get to scrap about me? Never! I am taking these next 6 months to work on an album of us for me and James so that our kids can really know about who their parents are.

I found my courage waiting for me on a cliff in Kauai.
For years I had seen myself as Liz, Mother, wife, and homemaker. Although there is no shame in what my life was, I never knew what I had unwillingly given up. As a mother I have taught my children right from wrong, and how to stay safe All the while limiting myself. As I peered down from that ledge I realized I had a choice, was I going to remain the cautious person that I had slowly turned into or would I jump into an exciting future full of twists, turns and the unknown. I leaped, if not for myself than for my children so that they may see their mother in a new light. Not just the person who tells them to look both ways before crossing the street or to eat their green vegetables but someone who seizes the moment and savors it to the fullest.


  1. I saw this on the CKMB and loved it. I know when I became a mom my daring experiences also decreased to be the more safe mom, probably why I did my skydiving and my rock climbing before kids... but I love your journaling and the whole LO. Is it in the CK gallery so I can add it to my favs?

  2. I believe it is there. If you do a search for hickschick it should pop up some of my work. You can then click on other Layouts by hickschick and it should be there. If not let me know and I will put it on. I really need to update my IG. thanks so much. WOW! skydiving! now rockclimbing I can do, but jumping out of a plane...that definately would need to be done BC ( before children!). thanks for looking and sharing this little momism with me!

  3. Just beautiful and elegant. Love the use of black-Kinda moody and inspiring at the same time. I'm awestruck that this LO only took minutes to put together!! One of my favs for sure!!