Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall is in the AIR... (Family Fun Time)

 So being from California, I am still getting use to the fact that I now live in a state that offers a true Fall/Autumn season. Although this year may be a short Fall, it is still gorgeous to see the trees turn colors, the mountain sides glow with different trees and the crisp sweet air that only fall can bring.

This weekend we have a chance of snow, yup you heard me SNOW. So in order to truly share what I have loved about our fall so far I thought I would write it in a post. We do get snow here early, but non the less.. until the last leaves fall it will still be Fall to me.

Fall brings the start of school, and well all that school offers. This year our kids are involved in a lot of activities which keep us super busy in the afternoons. Our daughter is in Soccer, Running Club and will begin Girl Scouts soon. Our middle son just finished his summer schedule of little league and is involved in Running Club as well as the TV broadcasting program at school. Our eldest is in Band and WAVE (aerospace enrichment program).

Soccer... this is our daughters favorite. I love that she is now feeling that confidence of playing and recognizing what to do.

This shot was from last weeks game. I just love how the beautiful colors of Colorado show through on this pic (no filter or edit).


In the Fall we also prepare for Halloween and costume parties. We love dressing up and although we don't participate in the goriness of the holiday, we still have fun dressing up and having fun with friends. Our daughter is using my old costume from a few years back and is going to be a flower witch.

 Fall also ushers in the baking season for our family. We love cooking and being that we watch our budget, we try and come up with health recipes that the whole family loves. This last week me and my daughter made an Apple Crumble.

It is a family favorite and tradition...well as long as daddy doesn't eat it all :)

Fall brings in a whole new vibe for our family. It is almost like a new year as we re-prioritize our lives, begin new traditions and prepare for the cooler months to come. Fall is such an amazing time of year. I can't help but love everything about it. (Especially the fashion and being able to wear boots and coats again!).

Here is a gorgeous picture of some crumbles we made for friends a few years back... it is a yummy and super easy recipe.

For the recipe check out my blog post here. Liz Hicks Apple Crumble Recipe

I would LOVE to hear about your family and Fall... Leave a comment and let me know any recipes or traditions that your family share this time of year.


~Liz ♥


  1. Love this apple recipe. I will have to try it! Fall is different for me - the kids are 29 and 25! One lives out of state, the other close by. Traditions such as pumpkin hunting were always important to me so the 25 year old lets me take him to the patch and take pictures of him getting a pumpkin! He is a good sport.

    1. I love that you still do things with your kids even though they are older Jean, keeps me hopeful. I hope my kids are as good of sports as your boy. Let me know if you do try the apple crumble. It makes the house smell so good!