Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mixed Media Blog Hop- Day 2

It's day two of our blog hop and today I want to not only share with you my second sneak peek of my project in the new Mixed Media 2 special edition issue from Creating Keepsakes magazine but I want to also share a little about the ladies I have invited to do this blog hop with me...

Here are some sneak peeks to my Insta-Life project where I shared a tutorial on how to make your own glittery art skin.

I used the art skins for these stars:

You will see this project featured on page 33.

I also created this hand made chevron background (with my husbands help!) by using small strips and cutting them at a bias. Some are glazed and some are layered with different types of papers and materials... I love this page just because of the background.

The rest of the hoppers...

So, In addition to sharing our projects we are also sharing some love and admiration for the other artists projects in this issue. I want to share some love for each of the girls and a little on how I met or know them :) Make sure to check out the rest of the girls (click their links) on this blog hop here! Both days are available for you to check out.

Wednesday September 25th, 2013

Noel Culbertson 
  • Noel has been a dear friend of our family for 6 years now, we met online but our families have now become friends and I am so grateful for that! She is also someone who will make you laugh non-stop if given the chance, beware :)
Ronda Palazzari
  • Ronda I  met when we moved to Colorado. I am so blessed to be surrounded by such talented scrapbookers in Northern Colorado, but Ronda is on who has become a good friend and we see eye to eye on life. She is a good person through and through.
  • Another wonderful family friend, Angela. I met Ang as we both rode up the mountain together to Brave Girls Camp and have been wonderful friends since. Her heart is so beautiful and overflows into her love for her family and her employees. I love this girl, through and through which is great because our husbands are friends too. At a hard time in my life, Ang invited me and James to visit and we did, I will never forget our time together. 
Marion Smith
  • Marion is another friend I met while I worked at Tattered Angels. Marion is one of those ridiculously talented people that can seriously make something beautiful from nothing... She is also a wonderful person with a good heart. I am so grateful to know her and see her success.
Sharon Laakkonen
  • Sharon has been a beacon of light in my career since I met her in 2008. She is a pure and wonderful person who has helped me more than once. I love that we have a mutual love for life and God and that at times I remember wonderful chats with Sharon that just helped me affirm my direction in life... 
Teri Anderson
  • I met Teri just a few years ago, I think when the first Creative Spaces issue from Creating Keepsakes came out. She was such a delight to be around and so kind. Although I don't know her as well as some of the other girls, I have loved her work in this issue and knew that all of you would too!
  • Candy and me are kin. We have helped each other grow and support through life and work. It is such a privilege to see my friend THRIVE and grow. She is a beautiful soul and I am so grateful to have her in my life.

Thursday September 26th 2013

Stacy Cohen
  • I met Stacy when she attended one of my classes when I taught in California but it didn't take long for me to stop teach and just watch her create. She is an amazing artist and hand crafts beautiful layouts every time. She is also a wonderful beautiful kind soul. I am so glad to have met her that first day and continue to catch up with her at shows when we can.
Kim Watson
  • Like Noel, I met Kim on line and we hit it off immediately. We have constantly kept in touch through the years and my highlight was when we met a few years ago in person for the first time. I love this lady and have been so happy to see her grow in this industry.
Agnieszka Bellaidea 
  • I just met Agnieszka this week and asked her to be on the blog hop. Her enthusiasm about mixed media and her projects in this magazine are awesome. You will love her work.
 Susan Weckesser
  • I met Susan a few years back and just like some of the other girls, fell in love with her beautiful kind spirit. She is a point of positivity in this industry that is much appreciated and such a beautiful friend too!
Layle Konkar
  • Layle and I use to travel and teach at the same trade shows. We would do dinner and catch up here and there and grew to be good friends. I was really sad when she left our industry for a few years but delighted when she returned to work for Simple Stories. Layle is an amazing teacher and designer and a huge asset to the creative industry. I have enjoyed keeping in touch with her through the years but was so happy to be able to see her at CHA again this past summer.
Stephanie Ackerman
  •  Stephanie always brings a smile to my face. I met Steph in 2008 while we were both on the Prima team and through the years we have encouraged each other via facebook and stayed good friends. She is one I consider a soul sister and I just love her heart and passion....
Sherry Mendoza
  • I met Sherry through her work with Prima a few years back and what I love about Sherry is her honesty and friendship. She has always been a true friend to me and looked out for me. At one time our kids were able to meet and it was wonderful to see them hit it off so well. It is no surprise since both James and I love having Sherry as a friend.
Ashley Harris
  • I first met Ashley while working at Tattered Angels and later was able to work with her on my time with The Scrap Review. I remember a dinner we had together with Noel at CHA that will forever in my heart be a reminder of what a beautiful person Ashley is. She is a good friend that I am fortunate to have in my life.
Courtney Walsh
  • I met Courtney when she moved in down the street from me. Both of us transplants from different states and both of us were mentioned to each other from mutual friends... Finally one day we spent the entire day chatting on Facebook and finally met for coffee. She is such a wonderful person to have in my life, full of honesty and hilarity... even just today I am laughing still at an email she just sent me... Hers is another family that connected with ours and it was so nice for the short time we lived in the same state, to have each other... it was just enough time together to solidify our friendship :)
Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
  • Julie and I met while working on the ScanNCut project together and what I have loved the most about Julie (well besides her crazy ridiculous talent) is her honesty and her advice. When I talk with Julie it is like she understands me and what I am going through. This last year has been a tough one for me and I am so grateful that I had Julie at the perfect moments to just talk with me. She is not only gorgeous on the outside but beautiful on the inside too... very grateful for that.
So at the risk of sounding sappy... I really just wanted to take a moment to share not only WHY I asked each of these girls to blog hop together, but to also take a minute to let you all know what they mean to me in my life. You see... working in the Arts and Crafts industry is not easy, in all honesty it can be quite tough... and well these girls have been good friends to me through the years which is what gets me through the hard times. In any form of work, you need good friends around you to surround you and help guide and form you. I have been lucky to have these girls as well as so many more mentor and guide me. I just had to take a moment to talk about them, but also remind you to check out their work in this magazine... It is crazy how amazing it is when you get this much talent together...

♥ Liz


  1. Liz-your wonderful heart shines through with every word that you write! THANK YOU!!! xoxo

  2. WOW The layout looks amazing but I really loved reading what you wrote about all of your friends! <3

  3. I am taking a time to visit you all this weekend, I saw all blogs from the 1st day. I would like to thank you again for organizing such a fun Hop. Great idea. I was a pleasure to talk to you too and I hope we will stay in touch! Regards and have a nice weekend!

    1. Same to you! It was great meeting you this past week!