Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Something about a new school year brings the idea of a fresh starting point.

As I was making dinner last night it almost felt as if the stress and fast pace of summer had dissipated and that things kind of felt, well normal.

Last week we had a few FIRSTS in our family...

Our eldest son started Junior high...

With junior high comes a whole set of new responsibilities and boundries...
For the first time all of our kids are not at the same school. This has give our oldest some freedom to figure out who he is and have his own set of friends. For the first time I see him texting and hear him talking on his phone to friends. He picked out his own clothes this year (normally he just has me pick out what to buy) and is now responsible for his lunch everyday... I know these are little things but it is crazy to see how these little leisures and responsibilities give him just enough leeway to becoming his own little person.

And then moments like this one above remind me that he is still my little guy.

Our younger two...

Usually have me to guide them on their first day. Unfortunately for all of us I was extremely sick last week, so they had daddy instead. Daddy may not be mommy, but he sure does the job when needed.
I playfully refer to these two as my "twins" as they are only a year and a half a part and have always done everything together.
This year brings our little ones on their own at their elementary. They no longer have their older brother to rely on for things. Although they may not see much of a change, I see it in them. This freedom has allowed our middle son to take over as the "responsible" one after school.

This is the first year that our little guy has had to be in charge. I am grateful for that. Being slightly autistic doesn't normally afford him these opportunities. It is nice to see him stepping up into the big brother role.

And our beautiful girl... She is only in second grade but looks so much older. This is the first year that she is asking me for fashion advice. She is listening to my opinion on her outfits and actually listening :)

This is the first year that I look at her and see a child. She is not my little girl anymore. She is growing so big and it is hard for me to see my littlest not be little anymore.

So although this may not seem like much, it is a lot for our little family. I love the growth that we experience as individuals as well as a family. I look forward to seeing what adventures this new school year brings us.

Liz ♥

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  1. What a beautiful family you have! All the changes are good ones, although I know it is tough on the mommy to see her "little" ones becoming big ones! I hope you are feeling better. You are all in my prayers.

    1. Maureen, thank you! I agree, they are beautiful. And I am really trying to appreciate these growing times of theirs. I keep reminding myself that in a few years I will want these moments back, so I better enjoy them now! Thank you for your prayers :)

  2. I feel you my friend...every year I look ar my kids are can not belive how fast thay grow...every year...