Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentines Day Cards in a non traditional sense- Unity Stamp Co.

I think we all can agree that my style of crafting is not exactly... well traditional. I have grown to really love what I do and through the process I have come to the realization that I tend to lean towards the artsy, colorful and re-purposed style of crafting... and I couldn't be happier.

I am trying to expand my horizons, as I have found that the reason that I do lean towards the artsy distressed style is not because clean and simple couldn't be a style I create... more or less to draw or cut a straight line kinda frightens me. I hide my mistakes with paint, flowers and inks... lol. But I am going to try and create some simpler designs because I love love love the look of it.

Today I created some non-traditional "Not yo' momma's" Valentines Day cards. These cards were for examples at CHA, of the New Crafters Inks by Clearsnap Inc. Both of these greeting cards were created using my new background stamps from Unity Stamp Co.

4 YOU greeting card

Products used: cardstock (Bazzill Basics), Inks, Glitter, and embossing powder (Clearsnap Inc), Stamps (Liz Hicks Studios for Unity Stamp Co.), Pen (Sakura of America), sequin and vintage paper (Unknown), Dry adhesive (Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L) and wet adhesive (Beacon Adhesives)

Foreground and background: use rich colors to create your focal point like I did using Collage of Digits here. I added some visual interest to the background by layering my stamps over tinted vintage paper. Using Dinged Dots and I.Kat along the side helps to break up the boldness of the main stamp.

Layer Colors and Patterns: The happening trend right now in fashion is not only color blocking BUT also blocking with complimentary patterns. Use analogous or complimentary colors with my stamps to create beautiful layered effects like you see above. I used three different colors and 3 different stamps to create this colorful collage.

Isolate a number and use it to your benefit: Here I added glittered embossing powder to the #4 to use it for my sentiment.

 Love You Card

Products used: Cardstock (Bazzill Basics), Inks and embossing powder (Clearsnap Inc.), Stamps (Liz Hicks Studios for Unity Stamp Co.), Pen (Sakura of America), Punchinella and Vintage paper (unknown), Dry adhesive (Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L) and wet adhesive (Beacon Adhesives)

Make a bold impression: Use a repetitive pattern (Like the hearts here) in bold colors to allow the stamped background to fade. Taking the visual interest off of the background with this bold heart pattern allows the viewer to see the hearts first and notice the background secondary, which translates really well as perceived depth.

Outline to define: Use a dark pen to outline letters or patterns that may otherwise get lost in the background.
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I used ALL 4 of the background stamps on the first card and Dinged Dots & my alphabet on the second.

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There is a whole lot of fun things going on this year... this is just the beginning. I hope you enjoyed these cards and the details that I have shared. With explaining them as I did, I hope that you can take this info and find ways to make it useful in your crafting.

Thanks for stopping by!

~Liz Hicks