Friday, March 26, 2010

A little bird told me... AND I AM LISTENING!

So today....I woke up early. It wouldn't feel that different except for the fact that I didn't wake up to an alarm (electronic or one of my kiddos ) I woke up to worry. Now I have to say that there isn't much a girl in my position needs to worry about right now. I am lucky to have my husband by my side in our decisions, good healthy kids (minus a few fevers and coughs, but generally healthy), a wonderful place to live, and work. But this morning I woke up with an in decisive heart and a little note from Brave Girls Club. This little nugget of truth was like a rainstorm in a time of drought.

(Click on the pic to make it bigger to read )

I love how Brave Girls Camp has taken the time to try and erase what the world is telling us and speak truth into the life of all who read. This little note was just the thing I needed to start my day off right. So if you haven't yet...make sure to sign up for their FREE newsletter. I believe that everyone is entitled to a positive support and that is what these little emails are...YOU are worth it and it only works if you allow yourself to hear it and receive it! They send out supportive daily truths that EVERYONE should hear. If you are not on their email list, YOU SHOULD BE! I don't normally solicit unless it is a company I feel strongly for and nothing makes me feel stronger than woman speaking truth into each other.

OK, so here is my little PSA for today,
You are worth just need to know it and hear it
and not in a fake tell you what you want to hear kind of way... in truth. EVERYONE has their strengths along with their weakness'. Understanding the difference, being realistic about your limits, focusing on the good rather than the bad.... this is all wrapped up in the truth we need to constantly hear.

And believe me we ALL need to hear it, understand it, and believe it.

I hope this has been a helpful encouragement

Have a great day and be BLESSED!