Monday, November 23, 2009

A little peek...

I know, I soooo don't like it when people build up with little sneaky peaks of their projects, although I totally see why they do so... I just get too excited to wait to see it ALL!

Well of course as I say this... I must join the ranks of sneaker peekers. Not willingly, but, well, here's the story.

So I had a rockin' time getting together with the girls of Ft. Collins, I was invited by Amanda to meet some of the other scrappers in my new home town. These girls totally rocked! I was absolutely inspired and found the time passed way to quickly! While there I worked on my banner for this special blog hop. Well I finished it a few days later, took it into the office and photographed it in our studio, only to leave the images at the office. So the only images I have for now are the banner hanging in my office (not the best lighting, but we can make it work!).

So here is my sneak peek. I have two tutorials that coordinate with this banner, one is how to copperize Tattered Angels Chip Tiles, and the other is the crepe paper blooms. Let me know which you think I should share and I will try and get it posted by Wednesday (and of course I will do a coordinating giveaway too!).

Here is a list of the other girlies that are joining the blog hop, check out their blogs for some inspirational stuff!

Allison Kreft Abad

Elizabeth Kartchner

Debbie Hodge

Kelly Purkey

Lisa Dickinson

May Flaum

Patti Milazzo

Stacey Kingman

Stephenie Hamen

Margot Potter

Lain Ehmann

Margie Romney-Aslett

Rhonna Farrer

Wendy Smedley

Jodie McNally

Liz Hicks

Becky Novacek

Jennifer McGuire

So let me know what tutorial you would like me to share and be sure to check back on Wednesday for it and for a special giveaway!

Thanks a bunch!



  1. WOW! I wanna know how to make the whole thing! It's gorgeous, I would want to make one I could use year it!

  2. I am lucky enough to have already had the pleasure of learning your coppering technique, but I think all the rest of those who have not would really love it. :)
    Your banner looks so fun & creative!

  3. I would love a tutorial on the crepe paper blooms. The banner is very pretty:)

  4. Hi Liz!! I'd love to see the copperized glimmer chips tutorial, as I was fortunate enough to watch you work in person in Ft.Collins and you shared those awesome crepe paper flowers with me!!

    This banner turned out fabulous as I knew it would!

    So glad you enjoyed the Ft.Collins crop! Looking forward to hooking up with you again in the near future!!

  5. I think you should post both!
    Easy huh?

    Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!!!!