Wednesday, December 31, 2008

On this last day...

Of 2008, I look back at what we have been through as a family and I am so proud. From kindergarten, to first days of pre-school, new jobs (both me and James) baseball games, soccer games, emergency room visits (3 total) parent teacher meetings that made me smile and those that made me cry (apparently Autism doesn't exist in kids under 5 according to the school district)...

This year has been our year to grow. As I approached 30 I truly felt like it was such an accomplishment and that it was the beginning of better things for my family. No longer am I the "young" one of the group. Now when I state my age, nobody says anything...which is a good thing!

As we catch common ground with the world and find our footing, we are so blessed and fortunate for what we have endured this year. The good and the bad have stuck to us and given us perspective on the truly important. They resignate in our minds as we tackle each challenge and decision. This year was truly our year of growth, and although growth tends to hurt, it is always for the best. This year was truly the hardest by far for our little family of 5, but as we snuggle together on the couch during a movie night, I thank God that this is who I was chosen to breathe life with, because my family (although as insane as i may make them out to be) keeps me sane and is truly my purpose for life.

I hope this year finds you in great health, a positive attitude and an outlook to the future that is ready to conquer. Hug your family, kiss your loved ones and be safe today. Truly reflect on what is important to you at this very moment, and hold it true all year long. Don't let life delegate where and when you do things, be your own dictator and make this year worth every breathe.

Happy New Year!

With tons of love,

Liz and Family

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