Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Welcome to the Party...November RAK's

*Box designed by Sandee Allen of Tn.*

Well, there is so much to report, and I have had so much on my plate and with life's curve balls, I haven't been the best blogger. So I am starting fresh, today with some fun news, and of course this months RAK's yes I said it, RAK's plural.

So let's get started!!!
First off, did I mention that I am celebrating my birthday this month??? Yup, the #30 is right around the corner and rather than to run from it, I am embracing it and choosing to CELEBRATE! So of course all of my loyal buds will reap the benefits. So because I love November so much, I have decided to celebrate ALL MONTH LONG with various tips, techniques, challenges and of course, GIVEAWAYS! ( I feel like a scrap Oprah!)
RAK #1:
Support Your LSS!
Yup we are doing this again this month, because we really need to stick by the retailers and keep their stores hoppin'. Especially here in Southern California where the real estate is outrageous (even with the market drops, retailers are still hit hard with paying for their facility). So the terms are the same as last month.
  • Subscribe to my blog via feedblitz or blogger follower
  • Make a purchase at your LSS (this includes independent owned stores, non-chain)
  • email me the receipt dated any time in November 2008.
  • I will randomly choose a winner.

So let's do our part, even if it is just a tiny purchase, it still counts!

RAK #2

Refer a friend

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the fun friends I have made through my subscribers list. At first I was unsure about having one, being that I really didn't want to be intrusive on peoples visits to the blog, but as I have made friends and started to post RAK's and stuff, I couldn't imagine an easier way to tell all of my friends. So this RAK is simple, link back to my site from your site and I will track back and randomly pic a winner from all of those who I receive any traffic from. Also if you don't have a site, just tell your buds about what we are doing here this month and if they email me and let me know that you referred them I will add you to the drawing. There are no minimums with this drawing, so the more traffic you send here to the blog party, the more chances you have to win. I will randomly pic a winner on December 1st out of the list of people who participated.

RAK #3


This is open to EVERYONE, even non subscribers! With this RAK I really just wanted to have fun and keep the party going ALL MONTH LONG! This is simple.

Just Post.

That's it! I will randomly choose a winner from those who post. so the more you post the better your chances are to win!

On top of the RAK's I will be doing random RAK's through out the month, doing 3 new tutorial videos:

  • Aged Copper Chipboard
  • Basket Weaving Photo Tape
  • Prima Build a Book tips, (working with acrylic)
  • and anything else I have up my sleeve!

So keep up with the fun this month. Subscribe to get email alerts of when I post stuff. The prizes will be from my stash and can be just about ANYTHING!

We are going to PARTY this Month!


thank you to Sandee for sending me a pic of her gorgeous box!


  1. Happy birthday Liz!! I celebrated my 30th birthday by having a slumber party and invited all my "old lady" friends!! It was a blast.

  2. Happy almost birthday, you young pup, you! :D

  3. Happy Happy Birthday you young thang! Hope you have a great month! Love all your stuff!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday you young Thang! Hope you have a great month! Love your stuff!

  5. Happiest of Birthday months to you! Why keep it to just one ::wink:: Hey if I knew you were going to post a picture of my box I would have put the top on it for the picture! lol Sounds like it's going to be a fun month!

  6. Wow! That's lots of fun! Happy Birthday! Thanks for doing the lss thing again. I never got there last month, but I really hope to soon. At least I didn't go to any big box stores, either...I just didn't spend money all month! LOL! Yikes! That's a little scary!

  7. Happy Birthday!!! You are so talented and just an awesome teacher. Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. I hope you have a great birthday month. I am a believer of Birthday months too. So bring the celebration on!!

  9. Liz, I got the RAK goodies you mailed me today! Your class from UA was awesome! Thank you again!You rock! :)


  11. Happy birthday! Sounds like a month of fun!

  12. Very cool!
    Happy Birthday!
    looking forward to seeing what goodies your giving away!

  13. Happy Birthday Liz. We have 2 November birthdays in our house to.