Tuesday, November 18, 2008

RAK updates... WINNERS!

Well this week has been rockin' with winners! Last week I did a seriously random draw ( I did a random.org draw from email addies) for a prize and it was So cal scraps Grace who won!!! Grace was so kind to call someone to let me into the crop a few weeks back too! It just goes to show that good things happen to good people!

This week over onthe Primadonna blog, another So Cal Scrap girls won!!! This week it was Kristi B!!!! She won a set of 3 stamps. This weeks topic is all on Bling, so they will be giving away Bling as well! Check it out here~

Also have you taken a browse at the new Tattered Angels website???

It is totally amazing and to top it off, they are featuring one of my favorite glimmer buds Joe from Strictly Scrapbooking this month!!! To catch up with Joe check out his site, and check out the Tattered Angels site under featured artist. Here is there amazingly generous giveaway this month.

That is a whole lot of Glimmer Mist!!! Also they have my tutorial for Glimmer Glaze as a print up under the tattered idea tablet, so check it out!

Phew! I am tired just typing this!!!

Alright, I am off to bed, check out the sites and let me know what you think!



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