Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Win your very own ScanNCut!

I have been sharing quite a bit about the new ScanNCut home and hobby electronic cutting machine from Brother International (TM). Needless to say I love it and I hope that you have enjoyed the projects that I have shared so far that have been created with this amazing new cutting machine.

From fabric, paper, leather, denim, wood veneer paper, balsa wood to tissue paper, vinyl and even chipboard... This machine never ceases to amaze me. Although the machine was created to cut fabric... it is impressive just how much more it can do.

I found this link from Daily Lounge that shares their giveaway of the CM100DM model of ScanNCut (red) and thought I would share it with my friends here. There are not very many ScanNCut giveaways so if there is ever a chance... I will try and post it here so that all of you have a chance to win ♥

So if you are interested... take a minute and check out this giveaway. Hoping and praying that one of our friends here wins!

Best of luck!

♥ Liz


  1. I entered! Would love to win. Thanks for the link!

    1. Wishing you the BEST Jean... I would love one of my friends to win this!