Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9/11/2001- PAJWLH

Yesterday I woke up and could feel that it was 9/11.

9/11/2001 I remember this day so well. I was newly wed and expecting our first child. This was the day that we were going to go into the doctors for our very first baby appointment. What should have been a day full of hope became a day that I will never forget for reasons beyond imaginable.

I remember the series of texts and phone calls I got during this time. Friends telling me they were ok, friends worried about family members who later on were found to be ok. It seemed like such a time of uncertainty even the thought of driving to the doctors office which was 10 minutes away seemed scary.

Suddenly what use to be normal, now was not so certain. I think life comes at us with a certain force in which we learn to deal with things on a day to day basis taking certain liberties for granted. On this day I knew that safety was one of those liberties I had taken for granted.

Through the passing of days I saw a certain camaraderie in people begin to emerge. It seemed that everyone realized at the very same moment that life was precious. That nothing is for certain and that each day is a blessing. I saw churches coming together in support opening their doors to everyone to unite in prayer for our nation. Strangers helping strangers for the sake of humanity. At this point we were all equal, people seemed to look past what differences or labels that the person next to the carried and saw each other in one simple form. Human.

As tragic as the events were, from this came a mutual respect for human kind. A certain vulnerability that joined enemies and friends alike as a human race. I have to say, I still remember this. Through the years as safety became more apparent, I have seen this sense of camaraderie seem to dwindle. But still to this day, I remember the only good thing that seemed to come from this horrible incident was that we united as a nation, and the world knew this.

This is one of those things that I miss from 11 years ago. Of course I wish 9/11 never happened. I thank God every time that I see the pictures of the babies who lost their fathers in the events, never to have met them. I look at my son, now 10 and think, why were we so lucky to be spared? I can't help but think of this when this day rolls around. I just can't.

So in an effort of remembrance, I ask for you to take a moment and reflect yourself.

Journal Prompt: What does FREE mean to you? What of this day do you remember most? Do you remember fear? Love?Compassion?Unity? Do you still feel that way, or has time changed your perspective.

Creative Prompt:  Use red, white and blue... it can be bright bold colors, solemn colors, vivid colors, you can even mix them up... just get creative with these three colors.

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Another story I found about remembering is this article here from Mamiverse CEO Rene Alegria in regards to undocumented immigrants that perished in the attacks at the world trade center. It never occurred to me how hard it would be to find someone who had no identity in the US. Her accounts of this event are beautiful and I highly recommend you take the few minutes to read her article.

I pray that this journal prompt finds you in peace and that your 9/11 was a beautiful day of reflection.

~Liz Hicks

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