Thursday, August 16, 2012

Forgiveness- Sweethaven Homecoming with Courtney Walsh PAJWLH

So it has been a while since we have had an art journal prompt for PAJWLH (progressive art journal workshop with Liz Hicks). I think it is time to start it back up again :)

When I started this free art journal workshop, I had imagined it being my own creative prompt to art journal along with you all. I never realized just how much it would effect me. This first part of the year has been really tough on our family, we have had to hold strong and tight together and each stand strong for another at different times. So with this being said, I had to take a step back from blogging and art journaling as a whole. It wasn't really a choice, more of life taking me and forcing me to other directions. Through it all we have to remember who we are responsible for and ultimately, they take priority, always.

One thing that is a common theme and that we spoke of often in the first part of our art journaling prompts is relationships and being hurt. It happens. All the time, with even some of our favorite people. We get hurt, and we hurt each other. It is part of being human, imperfect... we can't always communicate effectively what our hearts are trying to say. This is something that we have been working on as a family during this last few months. Having three small kids and two adults in the house, it is inevitable that at some point someone in the house will be hurt and the rest of us have to ban together to help the healing process.

Through it all, hurt, jealousy, pain, heartache, miscommunication or anything else along this line... the one thing that has helped our family stay in line with what we know to be true is to remember who we are deep down inside and to hold true to what we stand for. In all things this is important especially when dealing with others. Forgiveness is a part of this process. In order to heal, forgiveness is essential. This is where holding true to yourself comes in. If you remember who you are, what you stand for and what is more important to you, more than anything else in the world... you can remember your way out of your situation. Holding true to your deep down values allows you to remember who you are, what you know to be truth and ultimately forgiveness will eventually makes its way center stage. Forgiveness is contingent on holding strong to truth, not double guessing or questioning who you are, and still standing tall. I hope this makes sense...

With that being said, as a family we hold tight to Peace and Joy. Peace is priceless... It has taken me till this year to realize that peace was in the palm of my hand, yet I hid it in a drawer. JOY... joy is free. Joy is allowed, it is available, it is right there where you are. It is a hard lesson I have had to learn, but I have learned it, and I can say it is beautiful. So this is my sign, to remind me what I value...even when the world may turn sour, friends betray, or life just doesn't add up. These values are step one towards healing and working towards forgiveness.

I would like to thank my dear friend Courtney Walsh for inviting me to be a part of her Book Debut Blog feature. Even though she now lives 1500 miles away... I still hold her dear to my heart and am so grateful to be a part of this. Make sure to check out the wonderful PRIZES that she has up for grabs in her Sweethaven Scrapbook Challenge!

Peace and Joy 8x10 canvas Board

This is an on going lesson that I think we all learn at some point. I am glad to be on my way. Holding on to what I know to be priceless. 

So for today's prompt here we go:

Prompt: Forgive... take that first step towards understanding what you need to do to let go. Hold on to what you know to be true, let go of what you know to be false.

Here is a color combo selected from the above art piece I created for this prompt. If you would like a creative prompt as well Here you go:

     Use the colors below in a creative way. You can use paint, but try and find the colors below in your papers, inks, fabrics, trims... in something out of the ordinary.

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Here is a picture of this weeks giveaway. Make sure to follow this post for the details.

I am looking forward for life to settle down... I am hoping that this is the season of rest for myself and my family... we could really use it.

Thanks again for your support,

~Liz ♥


  1. Awesome Liz, You are right about the fogiveness. I think depending on how someone has dissapointed you, it can be a hard process to get to. But, you sure know when you are there and you let the weight of resentment go. Thanks for this reminder.

    1. I think sometimes just knowing that it will get there is what helps too :) thanks Pam!

  2. I read your blog about forgiveness. I have forgiven many for many reasons but I have two "old" friends that stabbed me in the back and i have not been able to forgive them for several years now. I have played the game, acted cordial, but the pain will not go away. I have come to the conclusion that I will carry this with me forever. I've even tried to "not care" but it is always there. I feel bad writing to you about this since you have your own issues to resolve(ed) but you wrote your piece so well I believe you have the answer or a good piece of advice to give me. I dont even know if "i want" to forgive. I guess that is the first step. WHEW, I said it all! tks sue

    1. Oh Sue, I feel you. And yes... it is so tough. I guess the only guidance I can share is from my own experience and with my situation both me and my husband were hurt by the same people. I know it sounds odd, but I am grateful that we both had similar situations to go through together. It brought us together and made us depend more on each other. I realized at the time that what I really needed to work on was figuring out why it effected me so much and deal with those feelings. It is easy to look at the other person and apply blame for the hurt, for the betrayal and for the pain, but over all it really doesn't help anyone. I took a good look at what I did have control over and that was me. I worked on what I needed to do to get back to where I wanted to be, remembered who I was in all of this. It is so tough sometimes because you lose yourself sometimes... but getting back to your basics, figuring out what you are truly are in all of this gives you a starting point to go forward from. I am grateful to have my husband by my side to draw close to. Remember you have a choice in it all. In my case, I chose to let go, I chose to move on and I choose whether or not those who hurt me belong in my life. I know it is tough, even with family... you set the boundaries. You are the only one that can protect your heart appropriately. I hope this helps ♥

  3. Unfortunately you have to go through things like this in life to get to the good stuff... I truly believe a marriage is the hardest job out there.. It takes your heart and soul places you never thought would ever go. But, with work and lots of giving of yourself you come to a point where it gets better, but it takes time!! Just hold on... Let go of those people that don't make you feel happy and lift you up!! Trust your gut.. Let those friends that stab you in the back go somewhere else! It took me 25 years of marriage to get to a point where I am good, not to stressed about relationships I live for my family the end that is all that counts!! Blessings for your family, I hope you get there soon! Xx your canvas is stunningly beautiful!!

    1. That is where I am at now Angie... living for my family and loving it! I am so grateful to have gone through it all... just to get to his point. It has taken me 33 years... but I am so grateful that God has brought me here :)