Monday, June 18, 2012

STAMP SALE! 30% off!

SO I JUST found out that the stamp set that I designed for Unity Stamp Co. is ON SALE! 
You may remember it from a few months back as I used it for the cover of my art journal...

It is a full funky alphabet that is kind of a junked up font that has a text to it. This was a part of the SMAK kit for December, but you can get it now for 30% off! It is a full sheet of red rubber, all letters (lowercase) plus numbers and a few other goodies.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Unity, and I am sure that you probably do too! Check out the rest of their site, as there are TONS of stamps on sale, and some great promos going on.

Here is the stamp set:

Here is the stamp set from the demo I did of my art journal cover.

If you have the stamps or are ordering them, PLEASE email me! I would LOVE to see what you create with them.

I am working on a few other designs, and another project... but it has taken a while to work out some of the kinks... that is the way it works when you are trying to articulate an idea that is rumbling around in your head... I hope it works out, because I think it would be AWESOME for mixed media and crafting...

Thanks for peeking in today :)

~Liz Hicks ♥


  1. I have been very remiss in not writing you sooner to say thank you for your insight and sharing these prompts with us. I never really sat down to think about some of these prompts/questions and it has helped me a lot going thru this thinking process and writing down how i feel. You are very kind and unselfish to spend this time helping us/me! Thanks again, sue

    1. Thank you Sue, I have missed being able to art journal as life has been upside down here, but I can't wait to get back to creating, writing and sharing :) Your words are so kind, thank you!!!

  2. Liz I tried to order your stamps but it wouldn't accept the coupon code.. I used them at Seaside Soirée and have wanted them ever since. Is the offer over already? I hope not! Enjoy your thoughtful posts so much thank you!

    1. Kam, I am not sure when the sale lasted till, wish I had info for that. I will post again when I find out they are on sale again. I am glad you liked them :)