Monday, March 19, 2012

PAJWLH- Super fun technique using stuff you already have

So this week, I wanted to share a fun technique with you to create this fun textured bloom. Looking at this you might think that it is acrylic paint or tar medium, but this is actually just regular old crayons with a hot glue gun. I had this epiphany one day when I saw all of the fun stuff you could do with crayons and thought, well why not take it a step further?

So here is a video that I made to share with you how I got this effect as well as some trouble shooting tips on how to approach this. (MAKE SURE TO TURN MY BLOG MUSIC OFF BEFORE YOU LINK THROUGH)

For this weeks prompt, we are going to use this technique, or you can just use crayons and create your cover. Now your cover should reflect who you are... My cover here is from a class that I taught at Seaside Soire (please check this out, you will love what Charity Wings has in store for this next year!!!). During the class I shared a little bit about myself and my creative journey. My creative journey has not always been a pretty one, I have had a lot of ups and downs working in the craft industry, as shocking as it may seek, not every day starts with glitter and ends with sequin :) But through the ups and downs I have learned to rely on what matters most to me and that is who I think I am and who God thinks I am. So this journal became an anthem to the positive things that happened to me, that in which I could be reminded of the blessings even in the storms. Kinda the theme we have been running on, right?

Now I don't talk much about what has happened to me with my experiences because I do believe those to be private and in no way wish to bring harm anyone, that is the beautiful think about forgiveness... eventually it frees you to live the abundant life you were meant to be. But hurt can torture, tear at you especially when it has been at the hand of someone you hold dear.

What I can say about my journey is that it is a little different than that of my friends as my whole family has been involved, my husband has worked in this industry for the last 3 years as well. So this makes our journey a family one, which also brings pains and trials on us all. The reason why I mention this is that through the ups and the downs in life, we have a choice to decide who it is that we rely on for our words of encouragement, as well as the words that label us. I will say it again (because I can not stress just how amazing Brave Girls Camp is!!!) but one of the lessons that I learned at Brave Girls Camp was to find my source of truth, and maintain it at all cost. My source of truth is God because God's opinion of me will never change, through my ups and downs God is the one constant in my life, cheering me on towards my purpose in life.. it is so easy for us to give up on our selves when we think we are the only ones involved. So besides recommending attending brave girl camp or signing up for soul restoration (the online version) what I can offer to you is to trust who your truth teller is, know that no matter what the truth that they share will never EVER change of you, no matter what. I highly recommend someone who is not a constant in your life as man will always change and not always in a good way... that's what we do we are human.

Through my journey in finding my way back to who I was and realizing who I  wasn't... my soul filled with music (that is usually what moves me) and I would hear the same songs over and over again. This is one song that reminded me that no matter what anyone else had to say about me, that I was still me... deep down inside, I was still the original girl God had planned all those years ago. As well it helped me to realized just how many masks, walls, shields I had put up because of the words that others had said about me and that I had let penetrate my heart.

So here is the song, if you have a chance... I highly recommend listening to it, I am sure we all can relate to it even just a little.

This week will be a series of prompts, choose which ones work for you, but I think they will all work well together, and have some fun techniques too :)

  • Use the technique video to inspire you to create the cover of your art journal
  • Find your inspiration to create your title for your journal, a title that reflects who you are, and what you have to offer this world :)
  • Use last weeks prompt to take the words you wrote down and decide who really knows you and what you feel your purpose is. 

I hope that this prompt makes sense, I know that this has been a fun one for me, as well as a good one for me to really think about. Let me know what you think, also let me know what you think of the video, I tried a new upload technique that took a while, but I think the quality came out fairly nice.

Thanks for joining me today!

~Liz ♥

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  1. Loved this Idea, you are a genius Liz. And I am so lifting the video idea for our Easter Eggs.
    Kids are going to think Grandma flipped her lid LOL.
    This is going to be too much fun.