Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Be Extraordinary... PAJWLH

I have been having a tough time balancing everything right now so please forgive me for falling behind on a few of our prompts. I am going to try and get a few prompts up this week to catch up and give you some fun stuff to think about and work on this weekend.

For one of our last prompts we talked about the weight of peoples words. Regardless of how hard we try... others words seem to always creep up on us and try and define us. Sometimes others words are positive, they lift us up... help us through tough times or comfort us when we need it most. Other times peoples words hurt, make us cry, or break our hearts. We have all had those words that have picked us up, and those words that have let us fall.

Through the ups and downs that we have with people, remembering who we the core is so important. Knowing that regardless of what others may say or do, we have control over how we receive criticism as well as praise.

We each have that unique sparkle that is custom made to us. This month, I think we should honor that :)
For today's prompt, I found this beautiful quote on a card at a local gift shop in town and thought it would be perfect. I have noticed that sometimes I find myself trying to blend in to the masses, play it safe... especially if I am around people that I may not trust or know to well. But by doing this, I tend to hold back.. not live life as I am fully intended to. In doing this I am not honoring who I am at the core, and I am also not honoring God. Eventually you get to a point when you realize... enough is enough :)

So based off of this picture here, our prompt for today is:

  • Use COLOR. Lots of it.
  • Decide to be EXTRAORDINARY! We all have things in our life that make us feel regular, normal but there is that one thing that resides in each of us that makes us different, unique... THAT is what sets us apart from the rest, makes us special... EXTRAORDINARY. Learning to listen to our hearts and hear the truth is so important to our purpose and well being.
  • Use your fingerprint in your creation. Just like your finger print is unique, never duplicated...Your  purpose, your sparkle in life is just the same. It may seem like you may be running the same race as others, but your journey is special... specifically designed just for you!
  • Use this quote if you wish, or find one... some set of words that defines what it is about you that adds that sparkle to this world.

I hope this prompt jump starts you to see that special gift you have to share.

~Liz ♥

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