Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So very Thankful..

The last few weeks have gone by so fast. I have been meaning to continue through with my list of thankful things but life of course had other ideas for me. Here is the remaining items that I have been meaning to post... excuse the long list, I tried to keep each one short and sweet.

12 Time- the thing that I am always the most grateful for these days is time. With the decision to go back to school I have had to shift my focus from working and being on the GO to now having time. Time is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. When I look back to these past few years (even within 10 years of marriage) I can not exactly pin point much time that I have had to just be me. I am grateful that I have had the experiences in the last years to help mold me to who I am... but the time to digest it all and process it into who I am to become is just so precious. I pray that those of you who read this allow yourself some TIME to absorb and remind yourself of what your purpose is. You might be surprised how you see yourself now and what promises that are stirring in your heart... might just pop up to the surface. Take the time, you are worth it, and your future is much to bright to ignore what it's full purpose was designed to be.

13 My brother- Today is my Brother John's Birthday. We are exactly two years and one week apart. I am thankful that I have had him all of my life (for as long as I can remember) and that through it all... we still love each other... even though I was his older sister... and well... I may have played that card one too many times. Very grateful for who his is and what he is in my life.

14 Single Parents: This past few days my husband was out of town. Although we all miss him very much, I am easily reminded when he leaves that so many parent on their own. Being the single parent for these short few days touches my heart for those who do it daily. It is not easy... this I know. I am grateful for those women and men who parent on their own, whom have chosen to put the importance of their children's lives before their own. That is love unconditional.

15 Girlfriends: After my post about going back to college a few of my friends contacted me to let me know that they were on the same track or that my decision had encouraged them. Going back to school is a little scary yet totally exhilarating for me. Having these girls on this path along side me could not have been anything but a God sent. I am so grateful to have these girls going down this path along side me. I am not at this alone... I have been given the blessing of these friends to experience this with me.

16 Our Sweet little boy: Today was our son's IEP. Our son was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum at age 2 and has been in some sort of therapy since then. After the last month of speaking with his developmental team at his school... I felt the motherly weight being lifted off of me as they explained to me how much he has developed this last year. He is still autistic and has his quirks, but I know that he will live an extraordinary life filled with purpose and joy because of the efforts we have made through the years. I love that little boy and am so grateful that his is who he is. He is a comic, a cuddler, an artist/cartoonist, a singer and beyond belief smart. I love my little man and will continue to stretch him to his full potential.

17 Fort Collins: This little (well, maybe not so little) town has taken us in as it's own and we are so grateful or that. For the beautiful rocky mountains, to our amazing neighbor hood and friends... we are at home here nestled up against the mountains.

18 Skype: today I had a date with my friend Lorraine to Skype and create art. Although we both ended up sick... it is still nice to have Skype to connect me with those I hold dearly.

19 Girl time: Today I went with my girlfriends to see Breaking Dawn. I love having some time with the girls, just being girls and enjoying a fun movie.

20 Volunteering: Now that our kids are a little older it is exciting to have the opportunity to develop their hearts in service. Our church announced today their Christmas Basket program. Before we could sign up to help give out baskets, the volunteer sheet was FULL! Thank God for such giving hearts... now to find another place for our family to serve :)

21 Blackberries (on sale!): I bought some blackberries on sale at Sprouts for 88 cents a package. Two of these bad boys make one pie. This makes me soooo happy. Fresh pie on the cheap... perfect for the holidays.

22 Autumn Break: the kids last day of school for the holiday was today. I have 6 days with my kids... just enough time to enjoy some needed family time.

23 In Laws: My in laws flew in today for a quick trip for Thanksgiving. They were only here for two days, but those two days meant so much. Our holiday was complete with our family in our home.

24 Good Food: This was my first Thanksgiving that we hosted in our home. I am grateful that planning and preparation made for a wonderful meal... with lots of left overs :)

25 Thrift Stores: Today I got to spend some girl time with my mother & sister in law. I bought some wonderful wool sweaters for felting and a sweet vintage coat that my stylist sister in law picked out for me.

26 Sleep: after a long week of fun and excitement, this girl has never been so happy to have some extra ZZZ's.

27 Our Church: I am so very grateful to have a home church that we love. We are HOME at Resurrection Fellowship and love the amazing people that we have met there.

28 The tooth fairy: Our daughter lost her first tooth on the 28th. She is an old soul in a little girls body and has been longing to join the toothless club like her brothers. Being with her during this moment reminded me that I had the joy of being with all three of my children on the day they lost their first tooth. With life being crazy the last few years... I was so grateful to have this victory.

29 Hair dye: Such a silly thing but, honestly... I am so grateful for hair dye and for my super awesome stylist Patti who makes house calls. Today my hair (and self) was blessed by Patti... and hair dye.

30 California: today I leave for California for a fun event through Charity Wings Called Seaside Soire. I was fortunate enough to be one of the teach of their first soire last year and so grateful to have the opportunity to come back this year. I will be in good teaching company with Cheryl Waters and Jen Cushman. I have known both of these girls for some time and and super excited to finally have a chance to teach along side them.

It is a long list... but none the less, things that I am so grateful for.

Thanks for checking in today with me :)

~Liz ♥

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  1. Awesome post - lovely reading. Thanks for sharing and have a great trip! ;o)