Friday, February 25, 2011


It's a new year... and well a fresh start. I have been thinking long and hard on a specific word for the year, honestly in past years they have just kind of snuck up on me. One year it was change, another year it was reflect... last year it was BOLD.

I never knew how much this last year I would have to be bold. Have strength where I never thought I had, be courageous or even believe in myself when I didn't know how to be. Some may see this as vulnerable, weak... well that is good. I don't mind being vulnerable or even exhibiting vulnerability. I think so many times on the blogs that we visit we see such a beautiful picture of how somebodies life is... how well put together they are, how it seems that they have it all planned out.

Well that is not me. I have things planned out just the way I need them to be, and well that is good with me. We all have the same days to live, most of the same responsibilities and demands. And well... this is what had me thinking long and hard about what my word for this year would be.

Truth: This year I want to be true to myself, true to my family and friends. I want to be able to show what is inside of me and not feel the need to hold back. I am looking forward to learning about myself... stretching my limits and not apologizing. I find myself apologizing for things sometimes that are not even in my control. My goal this year is to build relationships in which are based on this truth. Build my friendships with friends that I can encourage and that encourage me as well. Surround myself with those who can see in me the me I hide... and love her anyways.

It seems so simple, yet so hard at the same time. I know that I still may let the wrong people in, that I will still make a ton of mistakes, and that well I may not always have the right answers or even understand what direction I am headed. But I promise to take each step forward in truth. Evaluate each option and take the time to make the right decision. I WON'T be pressured by TIME. It is never to late and I am going to always remember that. The right time will always be there, and I can grab it when I am good and ready.

So this is my pledge to myself. With this, I hope to be a better wife, mother and child. I hope to do my work to the best of my ability and create art and handmade goods to my liking. I like this simple approach, and I think it will be very good for me this year.

Earlier this month I was blessed to help out with Brave Girl Camp. I think back to what brought me to camp last year... and what I was able to bring of myself to camp this year... it was so different. I know that last time I went to camp, I had a hard time expressing myself in words that were appropriately describe the feelings and events that I experienced there... this time, I truly hope to be able to give you all the opportunity to see camp through my eyes.. let's hope I can find the right words :)

Thanks for everything ♥



  1. Love this Liz. I am on a search for truth too. Especially being true to myself, despite what other people say.

  2. This is just beautiful!!!!
    It makes me proud to know you!

  3. You introduced me to Brave Girls, I in turn introduced BG to a old friend who was about to have a brain tumor removed. I will be FOREVER grateful to you and the peace it has brought to me every day. I am taking part in Soul Restoration right now and I look forward to SR 2. It would be something to get to go to camp one day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Traci

  4. You introduced me to Brave Girls and I in turn introduced the Daily Truths to a long friend who was about to have a brain tumor removed. I am taking part in SR and can't wait for SR 2. I am FOREVER grateful to you!! I want you to know I am a life you've touched and I am thankful!!

  5. I love blue what eye catching project love it

  6. Beautiful testimonial to 'self'
    I hear you about the apologizing.
    You are so right about 'truth first to self' then everything else will fall in line.
    Keep smiling and creating
    Love your cover.