Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 6 and 7- two easy gifts and a WINNER

Day 6.... Inexpensive gift for a girl friend ♥

I found this great recipe for a facial scrub while surfing youtube.

video is from Kandee Johnson... If you love make up I highly recommend you follow her on you tube, she is so fun to watch and knows her stuff!

This is a great gift you can make ahead. Simply take some organic sugar, I LOVE LOVE LOVE using a course Turbinado brown sugar (You can find this in the bulk section of Whole Foods or any health food store) and mix it with ornanic lemon juice. I actually like to find a small mason jar, fill it with sugar and lemon juice to create a simple paste similar to other sugar scrubs you would find in bath or body stores. Since lemon is a natural preservative... this should last a while. You can even decorate your package for your friend, making it a little more custom.

Day 7- Yummy breakfast treats...

So this recipe came out of sheer desperation after I came home from Brave Girl Camp. While there at camp, each day the girls would prepare some amazing snacks for us. Once of these being an Apricot Brie Tart. Well these little guys stuck with me (literally, I think I gained 7 pounds on these alone!) after I came home. Now just the thought of trying to create a tart sends me into a state of panic, I love cooking and love recipes... but I need it to be simple, easy and well inexpensive.

So this is my easy-peasy knock of version of the Brave Girl Apricot Brie Tart recipe... perfect for the morning especially for those special guests who can appreciate carbs stuffed with fruit and brie (that was just for you Holli!)

Pretty self explanitory- take cresent rolls (highly recommend reduced fat, as this combo is NOT exactly low fat) , brie and apricot preserves (I have also used Marion Blackberry from Target that was AWESOME!)

Lay out your crescent roll as usual, but before you roll it from the bottom to the tip, add a chunk of Brie and a small amount of jam.

Next, start from the wide side of your crescent and roll towards the point, folding the point over your roll and making sure to pinch and secure all of the goodies that are inside of your crescent.

Next lay your yummies out on a cookie sheet and bake according to your crescent wrapper suggestions.

After they are done cooking, take them immediately off of your cookie sheet and lay them to cool on a plate.

These are just to yummy for words, and you will enjoy pairing these with a tall glass of milk or even bacon (If you just decide to throw all caution to the wind,lol)

I hope you have been enjoying the little bits of treasures that I have been sharing here... and now for our winner.. thanks to ALL of you for heading over to Vintage Street Market. I received an email for one of the owners, and she said that she was so grateful for all of the new followers. If you noticed, they are doing a Christmas countdown.. lots of cute ideas, you will love and be able to share for years to come!

So as promised, here is our winner!

I LOVE that vintage store - thanks for sharing and I 'liked' it on F/B also. Your kitty is SO beautiful (as is your gorgeous little girl) - I'm going to miss you at the Expo in Feb....Merry Christmas to you and your family!

December 19, 2010 12:49 AM

Blogger Shercara said...

What a beautiful story - and wonderful reminder of a great lesson. It does feel good to help others reach their dreams and goals and to be a part of that journey too. Love Elmyra Duff by the way -Thanks for the memory! Oh - thanks for the tips on Vintage goodies too! I "liked" them on fb too!

December 19, 2010 7:30 PM

Sherry, email or facebook me your address and I will get these fun goodies out to you!!! Also, Crystal... I will be getting your prize out at the same time.

Thanks for participating! I hope you all are enjoying your holiday season and finding peace and happiness ♥

~Liz ♥


  1. WOW! I'm a lucky Girl! THANKS Liz and Vintage Street Market! What a nice Christmas present! I'll email you Liz! ;o) Sherri

  2. Oh, I do have lemon here, will have to try this out for sure :) Happy new year, Liz :)