Friday, December 17, 2010

5th day- mutual loyalty

This morning I woke up to this.

A little back story on these two.

This is Chloe the cat. Chloe is what can be described as a typical cat. Next to her is our daughter... and our daughter is what I would best describe as one of these:

Yup... an Elmyra Duff. If you are not familiar with this Tiny Toons Character from the late 80's early 90's here is the Wikipedia explanation:
"Elmyra is quite young and obsessed with animals and cute things (which is probably why she works as a nurse at Acme Looniversity), even chasing after animals whom she knows are her classmates at Acme Looniversity, obliviously causing great discomfort or serious injury to potential pets from her overenthusiastic affection and complete lack of even the most rudimentary knowledge of pet care."

I mean this association thoroughly affectionately, and trust that NO ANIMALS ARE HURT during my daughters love fest with the kitties. I make sure to stay with in earshot of her. And equally, Chloe has been know to give a scratch or two. So together, during the day they tend to not get along very well. We call it a love/hate relationship.

So you can understand my curiosity when I see this in the mornings. I mean they sleep like this every night yet during the day they have a tough time seeing eye to eye.

Seeing this made me think of their (what I like to call) Mutual Loyalty towards each other. Although they may not get along during the day... most days. At night, they come together for each others needs. Honestly the only reason that Chloe sleeps with our daughter is out of pure necessity for warmth, but in return she is so gentle with our daughter, even though our little girl may be the reincarnation of Elmyra Duff. But this really made me think.

We all need each other. We can not do everything all on our own. And although there may be times that we do not see eye to eye, or that the giving and needs may be lopsided... never the less, we all need each other. We strive to find people that are like minded, share our same goals, thoughts and dreams. If we are lucky... we find people that want to help us reach our dreams. If we are not so lucky... we find people that want to take our dreams. Either way, we have control over who we let in and who we take out. NEVER FORGET THIS. It is a tough lesson sometimes... I know this all to well. I have learned to put up my boundaries and protect myself through the years. But even when I am sad or hurt by someone who has wronged me... I never give up hope that out there in this world, maybe 5 minutes from my house or maybe in a totally different state or country... there are like minded people. People that want the best for you and will stop at nothing to see you through your dreams. And if your lucky... you can help them capture their dreams too. I think that excites me most... knowing that I can be a part of someones dreams... help them succeed. There is no greater joy than being a part of someones success, especially knowing that there are so many out there counting on their failure.

We do. We need each other. We need to be cheerleaders for each other, push each other forth into their promised futures. Scream at the mountain tops how AWESOME THE PERSON NEXT YOU IS!!!!

LOVE ONE ANOTHER... isn't that what life is all about?

Funny that this sweet little picture would trigger these thoughts in my head. Now I am sure these thoughts were ready to come out, ripe for the picking... but I still can't help but look at this picture of these two and know there is hope for their future. And although they may not always be the friendliest, they have each other when it matters most. They put their differences aside for when they need each other most.

PS... speaking of friends seeing friends live their dreams... I can not be more proud of some of my dear friends who are taking a big step towards their dreams. They are the owners and creators of Vintage Street Market. Just after I had written this post my friend stopped by to share with me some of their new product line that will be release in the gift and paper crafting industries this next Winter CHA 2011. If you haven't seen them yet on Facebook... check them out. Just two moms (and their dedicated husbands!) making their dreams come true. Their products are spectacular and different than anything I have seen in the Scrapbooking industry so far (the textures alone are amazing, let alone the vintage designs!)

So please join me in WELCOMING this new company to the Scrapbook Industry! To help get the started, I would love to do a giveaway here on my blog. Simply check out their site and follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

As a giveaway, I will gather some of my own vintagy goodies that I have in stock, as well as some of my Scrapbooking stash. retail value of at least $50.00. After you have checked out their site and followed them on twitter or Facebook, come back here and leave a comment. I will pick a random winner from the comments here on Monday and post the winner Tuesday December 21st, 2010. As long as you get you comment in before I pick a winner... you are entered!

Thank you for taking the time to check this out... I hope that this stirs your heart this season and that you come to love Vintage Street Market as much as I do.

~Liz ♥


  1. This was really a cute and clever post! I am the "Elmyra Duff" at our house just ask my 4 pound marshmellow!!! I just want to hug him and squeeze him all day long...right now he's on my couch purring like a cat in his new winter outfit complete with scarf! which by the way he detests!!!

    Love all the vintage goodies!!!!


  2. This was really a cute and clever post! I am the "Elmyra Duff" at our house just ask my 4 pound marshmellow!!! I just want to hug him and squeeze him all day long...right now he's on my couch purring like a cat in his new winter outfit complete with scarf! which by the way he detests!!!

    Love all the vintage goodies!!!!

  3. Your post is truly adorable and that picture is precious! We have 2 chocolate labs that are pretty snuggly! I visited VSM, cute items in the shop...oh my, my mom used to have some of those 'reflectors'! I befriended them on FB and will have to go back to visit them soon. Fabby vintage it all!

  4. Great story Liz..yes we all need one another..I liked Vintage Market on FB early on! They have some wonderful stuff on their site.

  5. Cute picture of your daughter and cat! And yes, we all do need each other.

    Following VSM on FB and Twitter! Really cute items

  6. Thanks for sharing Liz.....the post and Vintage Street Market. I enjoyed checking out their those retro Santas! Oh, and when I lit a candle today, I thought of you. :)

  7. I've been called Elmyra quite a few times. That was such a cute cartoon & she was my favorite character. I love the Vintage Street Market site! I LIKE them on Facebook & am FOLLOWING them on Twitter (PaperSecrets). Thanks for sharing the photo, your thoughts & the link. :)

  8. I love VintageStreet - very cute stuff here! have already ordered some vintage goodies. follow on facebook and on to follow their tweets! thanks liz.

  9. I LOVE that vintage store - thanks for sharing and I 'liked' it on F/B also. Your kitty is SO beautiful (as is your gorgeous little girl) - I'm going to miss you at the Expo in Feb....Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  10. What a beautiful story - and wonderful reminder of a great lesson. It does feel good to help others reach their dreams and goals and to be a part of that journey too. Love Elmyra Duff by the way -Thanks for the memory! Oh - thanks for the tips on Vintage goodies too! I "liked" them on fb too!

  11. I am a fan of vintage street market. Love the picture of your daughter and the cat.