Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This was my yesterday...

Yesterday we had an AMAZING day at the Butterfly Pavilion in Westmister, CO. (I will write a little more on this later...) Altogether for a stay at home mom, turned working mom... this was a treat... a glimpse of what I used to (and still do!) treasure, field trips with the kids (I really am lucky to have a job that allows me to do this!). I truly enjoy moments like this when it is just me and one of my kiddos exploring the world ♥

That was the first part of my day...

This was my next...

My Car

Her Car

As I left the parking lot of the kids school, oldest boy in tow... we were laughing and enjoying our time together I turned left, I turned right... there were no cars so I let go of the brake easing my way out of the parking spot...rolling right into what would turn my day in a downward spiral.

Now you can tell that there was no damage to the car that I had rolled into, it was a HUGE SUV and my mom van ended up with all of the damage, but what came at me was what really took it's toll on me. Out of the car came my kindergartners room mom (a mom I have worked hand in hand with for a few of their events) yelling and screaming at me like I have never been spoken to before... I understand she was angry, but I can not understand just how and why she could say some of the things she said to me. I have to say that I am sensitive... but I have learned to roll with things through the years but the choice of language and in front of my child was what shocked me the most. As I tried to compose myself and handle her with grace, she unfortunately would not cooperate and continued to take her anger out on me and the situation. It could have easily taken just a few minutes to give her my license and insurance info, but she insisted on venting...

Needless to say I came home deflated, I felt horrible myself and also for my son who had to hear words he had never heard before come out of a room moms mouth... I guess I just wasn't ready to see that innocence taken from my son.

With this clinging to me, I came home and tried to relax a little before the rest of the family came home... I checked my facebook and that is where I found this sweet video from the lovely Suzi blu (Love this girl so much it hurts!!!)

It is WORTH watching, please watch it through the end

Now I have been trying to find the right moment, words, feelings to express just what Brave Girls Camp meant to me... after watching this, it all fell into place.

Join me tomorrow as I share a bit or two of my experience... I am looking forward to this so much and pray I can accurately depict just how life changing Brave Girls is...

By the way... from this video I remembered that although this lady chose to unleash her hatred on me... I chose to let it bring me down...life is my choice... and I choose JOY.




  1. It is amazing how people choose to react. Cars can be fixed. How said that she didn't recognize that there were no injuries. TOO THE MOON with her!!! Hang in there! Hugs to you!

  2. You're amazing. I don't know if I would've been as nice. Glad your day got better;)

  3. oh girl i'm so sorry. maybe she had a bad day and unfortunately it was you that she unloaded on. I will say a prayer for her to find some peace and kindness in her life. You didn't deserve that.


  4. That is horrible! Hopefully, she realizes that she overreacted and apologizes.
    It's called an accident for a reason.

    Hugs to you!!!!

  5. Oh no! That's so hard. I am so sorry you had to go through that. No fun. I hope you are doing well. Enjoy your long weekend and I will talk to you soon! Hugs sweetie!

  6. Liz I feel for you i never get to how some people just don't know how to act in public more so if they are adults. We all acted like that when we where younger like we new it all. But as time goes by you learn to be more open minded and not react as if you have no manners. maybe she was having a bad day already. I'm so sorry that you baby had to see this more so in school premises. Just let roll she will remember this next time she sees you and she will be embares of the way she reacted towards you.Hopefully she will aplozie for it

  7. i am so sorry for your beautiful day turning into a sad one, but I am also soooooo proud of you to be able to come out of it so beautifully. You are definitely grown in strength. The Lord is with you always...especially in times such as these. You have come out of it the better person! I love you so much, mija. mom

  8. Well off with her girl. You are wonderful. People need to take a deep breathe once in a while. Hugs girl :)

  9. We always choose joy. And I would bet shes feeling worse than you right now for her behavior !

  10. Shame on her for reacting that way. But Im sure after she calmed down and realized what she did, well, shes feeling worse than you right about now !
    We always choose JOY !
    Your a Brave Girl who doesnt sweat the small stuff :) hugs

  11. Oh, I hate that someone was so hateful to you. Ppl so need to think before they act!

    P.S. Don't you just want to tell ppl sometimes, "that's why they're called accidents, not purposes!"

  12. I'm so sorry about the ending to your day! It was only a small accident, no one hurt, no need to act that way!

  13. Hey Liz, Sounds like that mom had something else going on and was taking it out on you. That sucks!