Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Be Brave...


This layout.... Ahhh it just brings a good feeling to me. This is one of the layouts that I did as the guest designer for Couture Cardstock last month. This layout is a reminder to myself that I am different... and that is OK. That I have something special deep down inside of me that is waiting to shine, and I don't need anybody's permission to let it. This layout reminds me that within me are some very kind and thoughtful words, that someone needs to hear. Inside of me is a full heart, waiting to give... and that is OK because that is me. I chose these words to give out into the world in my actions.

YOU-NIQUE- This is often something that I share on my blog. Being a unique individual that I am and being true to myself and to what I stand for.

BOLD- taking strides that I normally would not. Stepping out of my comfort zone and stepping into faith and the plan that God has for me.

BEAUTIFUL- Sharing with others my hearts contents. Sharing more than small talk and taking advantage of the moments I am given.

BRAVE- This has been the hardest for me to embrace, but the most important. I NEED to learn to step out in faith. period. I need to stretch myself to change to a point that it hurts. I have had the privilege to have been mentored by some really awesome ladies and through their words... I am taking steps towards bravery... I think we all kinda need to be brave if not for our families than for ourselves...

I am not always a simplistic-minimalist type scrapper, although I completely envy those who can create a simple layout... my creations just seem to keep on going. I love how this layout is somewhat minimalist, yet still has touches that resemble my textural style of scrapping. For example, each of the leaves are free form cut, hand stamped, hand painted with Glimmer Glam, lacquered with Liquid Laminate and then stitched. So although it looks clean and simple... it was anything but! I took me three days to get through all the leaves that I had cut :)

There is so much more that this layout represents that it is just so hard for words to express. I am grateful for the wonderful women that God has surrounded me with. Moving out to Colorado with out the comfort of family has been a huge adjustment me. And I am so grateful that God has hand picked some amazing friends to stand in the gap with me. I am forever moved by this.


  1. this is so very amazing liz! you are you-nique, beautiful, bold and brave & i love you for it! thank you for the inspiration at the right time as usual! - k

  2. Just love this piece, beautifully simple and deep at the same time. I really was caught by the word you-nique ... very cool!