Monday, April 6, 2009

RAK- HOPE for Autism

This is my Hope for Autism...

I am very blessed to have a son that is on the Autism spectrum. And although he is considered to be on the spectrum, it is with a full and promised heart that I look at him and see potential. Sawyer is on the lighter side of Autism (he falls under the diagnosis of PDD-NOS) and as I look at him, I see future, promise, prosperity, hope. I can not look at my son and not wonder about his future, what he will endure, what he will face, but what I do know is that he is held in the hands of God, and I know that God never sets us up for failure and that through Christ, we can do ALL things. I love this boy, and he has shown me so much more about myself that I never thought I could handle, being Sawyers mommy has made me a fighter, and warrior, a conquerer and even more so an advocate, his advocate. This month being Autism Awareness month, I really want to share my blessings of being a mother of a child on the spectrum (believe me I am blessed, there are so many other parents of Autistic children, who NEVER hear I love you from their child) with you all, and I would really love it if you all could join in with me to offer hope to those who are effected by Autism.

This month (every Monday) I am offering a completly random RAK ( I will one winner) of various scrapbook stash items to anyone who posts a reply to that mondays thread. When you post, I would love to hear a story of your own of how you are effected by Autism (just about everyone knows someone who is diagnosed with Autism), or if you would like you can add a link to an Autism site, or even give an Autism statistic. All the info is out there and all it takes is one moment of your time to google Autism, believe me it will be worth your minute of research 9your heart will thank you!). I will continue this every monday through April. my goal is to not only help all of my friends become more enlightened by info about Autism, but also to move in your hearts such a worthy cause.

I also have the winner to last weeks RAK for my first sketch over at Bad Girls Kits.

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Thank you all for being my soundboard in life. I originally started this blog on a whim to record my families up and downs, and well many a time, I have found typing about Sawyer on here therapeutic.
thanks again!


  1. My son was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome about 4 years ago. Asperger's is also a mild form of Autism. Like you I am one of the lucky mom's, I get to hear my son say I love you every day, and like you said there are alot of moms out there that do not get to hear that from thier child. The web address that I would like to add is for the Asperger's Association of New England.

  2. A great big hello to a fellow Mom warrior! I am a parent to a beautiful 13 y.o. daughter that was diagnosed with PDD-NOS when she was 4. It's been a long journey for us but I wouldn't trade a second of it. She's come so far through social skills classes, a private instructor, gross motor skills, lots of PT, and a few determined parents. I never gave up on her and have battled with the county over her schooling. It's been incredibly educational for myself, family, and friends. I think the consistent schedule and structure was extremely beneficial. I wish you and your son the best and I am there with you encouraging all to read about Autism and perhaps help promote awareness. My door is open to all if they wish to ask or discuss this topic further. We have blue ribbons printed with "Autism Awareness" this month we wear proudly.

  3. What a great picture of Sawyer! He is such a sweet boy and he is blessed to have you as a mother!

    If you haven't ever read "The Curious Case of the Dog in the Nightime" I highly recommend it. It gives an insight of autism from the inside out. After reading the book I understand more of the "why" of their actions and behaviors and I have greater respect for how they perceive their world.

  4. That is awesome he has such a strong & loving Mommy to support him & work through the challenges. My nephew was diagnosed last year.

  5. I'm a kindergarten teacher and we are often the ones who are sharing our concerns with parents for the first time. I get to work alongside families as they work through the grief cycle and then being there to support while we work together and watch their child go from strength to strength. Losing the frustration as they begin to understand we can communicate together - just in a different way. Being such an inclusive environment we currently have nine children on the spectrum - I feel priveledged to work with all children - regardless of their abilities.

  6. Hi Liz
    My name is also Liz Hicks and a keen scrapper too. I have a little boy who I believe is somewhere on the autistic spectrum(Asbergers Syndrome) but he has not had any formal diagnosis. Up until now he has been labeled unique and querky??!! He socializes quite well and yes he now tells me he loves me! I too see great prospects for my boy but I also worry tremendously and spend time explaining his behaviour to other Mums. I am sure not many boys spend a birthday party watching and talking to the cows instead of playing with the boys!! I love your creative work and thanks for sharing your ups and downs xxLOL