Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome to October!

So past month was a bit of a crazy ride for our family. From beginning to end, let's just say I am glad it is done.

This past month on the blog I hosted a random giveaway of 5 (1 oz.) bottles of glimmer mist to all subscribers.

Well last night was the final night and I am so excited to hear back from the winners. When I receive their names, I will post them here. It was so fun doing this that I am thinking that I am going to have to do more things just like this!

So this months RAK is...

Support your LSS (local scrap store)
This is some is something that weighs on my heart. I found my love for scrapping through the aisles of my local scrap store. Between there and the CKMB I was constantly finding new things to incorporate on my pages. With so many stores going out of business, it breaks my heart to think that the people that took a chance in living their dream are being dramatically affected by the economy crisis. We have had a few stores close in our area, including the store that I was first given an opportunity to design for. With all the over head, school starting, and the holidays looming, I bet most of you haven't even considered scrapping and I am sure that includes anything else nice for yourself. So since this does directly effect each of us, I figured what a better way to give the scrap economy a little boost?
Here are the guidelines for entry:
1) Subscribe to my blog. Totally simple, and non intrusive. I just send updates about my blog, classes, giveaways from me and the companies I teach for, tips and techniques and just a whole lot of FUN! I won't fill your email box with junk mail and you can email me at any time if you would rather not participate.
2) get yourself down to your LSS and escape from the world for a bit.
3) make a purchase of ANY amount. Your LSS will be grateful for ANY purchase, guaranteed!!!
4) email me a pic of your receipt dated 10/1/08- 10/31/08
5) just have fun!!!
The idea of this of course is to give a little boost to the scrap economy, but more than this to really encourage all scrappers to remember themselves in this busy season in life. Whether you scrap everyday or haven't in years, keeping a good balanced recreation is essential to life. YOU need to give yourself a break from the hustle and bustle before it is to late and and stress creeps in. I know I have been there and am sure I am not the only one. So what better way then to get away to a scrap store. I had a group of friends that I went to coffee and a scrap store with every Wednesday, and it was a great boost to my week.
So grab a friend (or not) a cup of coffee and take a good walk through your LSS. Take a break from life, and just reconnect with your inner scrap artist. If you take a pic, please email it to me I would love to see it!
This RAK will end October 31st and I will post a winner on November 1st. I will randomly pick a winner from the list of subscribers who email me pics. This is open to everyone, including our international buddies so tell your friends!!!
If you have any questions feel free to email me!
thanks and happy shopping, browsing, and crafting!!!



  1. I don't know if you saw my other post..but thank you for the opportunity to win the glimmer mist. I am so looking forward to trying it out.

  2. you know I am a shopping fool, so you'll be seeing a pic from me! :o) I come!!!!!

  3. There is just one problem with sending you a picture of my receipt. I would have to bring proof into the house of EXACTLY how much I spent at the LSS (and believe me, DH would FREAK!) :)

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity, and thanks for supporting the LSS's!

    Marcia (cmriker1 - CKMB)