Thursday, September 4, 2008

The silver lining...

Although life has not been exactly how I would like it to be right now, we are getting by. I am just beside myself with guilt as I have to watch my husband absorb my duties on top of his own around here. We are going to make it, although dreams of selling our house may be on a stand still, we'll get along and be victorious over this situation. I am bound and determined to find a blessing in all of this, even if it is just recieving the much needed rest.

First off, THANK YOU!!! to all of you who have emailed, called, posted well wishes. I am doing alot better, I still need to realize that I am not super mom ( I know SHOCK, I am human!) and take it easy, but it is my lesson to learn. Right now I am focusing on my kids, making sure that their needs are met. It is a total blessing that I don't have a whole lot of classes scheduled. The few that I have are on the weekends, which makes it so much easier So all in all, life may be a little tough, but it is still GOOD!

With all that said, I do have to share the silver lining to my storm cloud, I have just been asked to join the Tattered Angels design team. I cannot express enough just how EXCITED I AM!!! It truly is AWESOME! So although I haven't been able to post part two of my Mistology 101, please know that when I can get up and at it, I WILL! I miss scrapbooking, I never thought I would say that since I do scrap often, but being without my supplies for the last few weeks has been hard, I can't wait to get my hands dirty again.

So here is to the silver lining to my stormy days, and I hope and pray that all of your days are sunny, no rain clouds, but still silver lined!




  1. hard to go through those stormy days. I understand. A big congrats to your design team spot! you deserve it.
    It's been almost a week, but I left you some love on my blog.

  2. Huge Congrats on the DT.Spot- that is a dream position ther e:-)