Monday, August 4, 2008

PIcs from CHA post 4~ Friends

OK, yesterday I downloaded the pics form my memory card, all 900 of them and realized I am way behind on my blogging. This post is of the girls from CHA. One of my favorite things about CHA is getting together with like minded people who have a passion for the same things in life.

This pic of me and Lauren, you can't see it but she is wearing my apron, is one of my favorites. Lauren came into my life like a whirl wind, but seriously a girl who will stick by her peeps! I just love the life that bubbles over in Lauren. And she is a fellow mom of little ones, hearing her stories just fascinates me and encourages me that I am right where I need to be in life! This girl makes art happen.

Oh the CKMB girls, I only had a quick moment to grab a hot dog with Noel and Latrice, but I had such a blast. And I have to say this pic was taken by the southern princess, Gretchen. It was a true pleasure meeting Latrice, she was TALL! and a total sweetheart. And of course I love my time with Noel too, she is always fun to be around.
LOL, I had to add this one of Tina, We took this while out to dinner, and celebrating Tina's "UN" birthday. Doesn't she look totally cute? Tina, you are one hot mama!

And Jen, one of my new favorite people. I had a blast chatting the night away with Donna, Jenn and Lauren. Jen is a fellow Primadonna and does alot of work with Ranger.
It was nice seeing old friends and making some new, I have tons of pics... someday soon I will get around to posting them all!!!



  1. Nice pictures!! You are too cute in every single one!! :)

  2. We are too cute!! It was so fun meeting you. Call me sometime so we can talk. Miss you already girly!!