Thursday, June 19, 2008

Up to something....

As always, I am up to something, usually family stuff but this time I have a little scrappy news to share too!

First off, how do you like my tunes? Yes once again, I decided to beautify my blog, but this time with my most favorite thing in the I absolutely LOVE music, it was my life before I had my kids and found scrapbooking. I have been singing since I was in grade school, and my high school had the most AMAZING choir department. I know this now as I have been in various other groups and have realized just what a blessing my music education has been.

Most likely you may not make it past the first tune, but the rest are just as wonderful, well to me at least! I started my playlist out with Another Hallelujah by Lincoln Brewster, whom I always assumed was from Hillsong in Australia, but he is actually a states boy, and not just that from Modesto California!!! Well, I love the song and most people will notice it from Shrek, but it actually is a REALLY beautiful worship song, Huh who'd a thought on Shrek? The Next is a song from I think She's having a baby, (one of my favorite 80's movies) although the original sounds a bit different, this was the only one I could find on playlist and well, the words are so pretty and the music just rocks. Third, WORLD by Five for Fighting. I heard this song so many times last year and yet it still brings me to tears. Five for fighting started a charity where everyday people could use this song and add it to their own music video for a cause. Being that I was dealing with Autism with Sawyer last year, I received different links to different peoples videos from many of my friends. I watched them, as much as I could but from there I gained strength, knowing that God had a bigger plan for my boy, and in him I was helping to create the world that I want. I am tearing up just thinking about it.

The rest of the songs are a hodge podge of this and that that reflect what I like and well, what I have to listen to all the time ( hence the veggietales, but who doesn't like the cheeseburger song?) A little folk, a little 80's, a little alternative, jazz, show tunes, worship, and classical, new age, have I missed anything?

Besides that I am up to something on the Fire and Ice blog. Each week I will be posting a new Primadonna that we will be featuring on there. We will be sharing the tricks of the trade and some pretty nifty ideas that we have come up with for these clear albums. This week, straight from Hamburg, Germany is Nathalie Kalbach. A totally cool chick that you can check out here.

Every Wednesday we will be changing the Primadonna so be sure to check out the blog for some cool and fun tricks and techniques.

Thanks for peeking!



  1. Sounds like a fantastic playlist...

    I popped onto Fire & Ice...great site, I can't wait to be inspired some more.
    P.S the deadline for the challenge L.O is Wednesday PM my time....& you are about 8 hours behind me, if that helps? Thanks for playing!

  2. you have awesome taste in music. when are we going to see some more of your beautiful creations???